Thursday, March 13, 2008

NFL Retirement Video

We bid farewell to the players who retired in 2007-08....

We salute you...


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brett Favre Retires

So it's official, Brett Favre is retiring from the Green Bay Packers.

I can't help but be happy for my Chicago Bears. Now there are two more wins to add to the column, next year.

However, this now signifies the end of the previous NFL era. Favre can best be described as the last member of the Quarterback Club, an elite group of quarterbacks.

Those who were members were, John Elway, Dan Marino, Drew Bledsoe, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Troy Aikman and I'm sure there were plenty more.

Some people believe Favre should have retired years ago. Consider this, Favre is 38 now and will be 39 in October. When Elway retired, he was 37, Marino was 37 and Aikman didn't even make it to 35.

Those who are great retire around there late 30's. Favre is a great quarterback and will definitely go down as one of the greatest of our time.

At least he won the Oh No Romo MVP before he retired. That was one award he needed to win before he could call it a career.