Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hump Day: One Word For Each Team (AFC Edition)

Happy Halloween to all. Since we've past the eight week mark of the 2007 NFL Season, using my infinite wisdom, I have decided to do the one-word game. I will describe each of the 32 NFL teams, using only one word. Is it challenging? Yes, it is. We shall start with the AFC. (WARNING: SOME OF THESE WORDS ACTUALLY MADE UP)

AFC East

New England Patriots--Hellbent

Buffalo Bills--Canada

New York Jets--Chad-Awful (Haha got ya there)

Miami Dolphins--Sucks

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers--Tomlin-riffic

Cleveland Browns--Poop-tastic (Get it!!!!!)

Baltimore Ravens--Poop

Cincinnati Bengals--Stinko

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts--Fruition (A friend helped me on that one)

Tennessee Titans--YoungWhiteChow

Jacksonville Jaguars--Okay

Houston Texans--Schaubadocious

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs--GASP

San Diego Chargers--LTPRSMCCNT (Initials)

Denver Broncos--Ooooohhhh

Oakland Raiders--ARGH (Says Al Davis)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How Wrong Am I? (NFC Edition)

NFC East (Predictions)

Philadelphia Eagles 12-4
New York Giants 9-7
Washington Redskins 8-8
Dallas Cowboys 7-9

NFC East (Through Week Eight)

Dallas Cowboys 6-1
New York Giants 6-2
Washington Redskins 4-3
Philadelphia Eagles 3-4

Thoughts: It's a little out of order right now, but if the Eagles can win nine straight, I think I'll be okay. The Giants are doing great, but they can they hold on? Romo's boys are doing freakin awesome, but we need to wait and see how they do in the second half. This division looks really good right now and I think we are due for exciting times.

NFC North (Predictions)

Chicago Bears 11-5
Green Bay Packers 9-7
Minnesota Vikings 7-9
Detroit Lions 5-11

NFC North (Through Week Eight)

Green Bay Packers 6-1
Detroit Lions 5-2
Chicago Bears 3-5
Minnesota Vikings 2-5

Thoughts: The Packers are playing great so far this season. If the running game can improve, I think the Pack win the division. The Lions really made a statement against the Bears on Sunday. They Lions could win 10 games this season. As for the Vikings, ADRIAN PETERSON!!! Enough said.

NFC South (Predictions)

New Orleans Saints 13-3
Carolina Panthers 8-8
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-9
Atlanta Falcons 4-12

NFC South (Through Week Eight)

Carolina Panthers 4-3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-4
New Orleans Saints 3-4
Atlanta Falcons 1-6

Thoughts: This is a crapshoot between the three top teams. The Falcons are done, obviously.

NFC West (Predictions)

San Francisco 49ers 10-6
St. Louis Rams 10-6
Seattle Seahawks 9-7
Arizona Cardinals 6-10

NFC West (Through Week Eight)

Seattle Seahawks 4-3
Arizona Cardinals 3-4
San Francisco 49ers 2-5
St. Louis Rams 0-8

Thoughts: What can I say? Seriously, what? This division confuses me. I am so wrong about this division. I don't know what it looks like to you guys, but I don't think anybody wants to win the NFC West.

Tuesdays with Romo: How Wrong Am I? (AFC Edition)

We have finally reached the halfway point in the 2007 NFL season. We've reached the point of the show where we see how wrong I was on my season predictions. So enjoy a little Bon Jovi as I enlighten you folks as to how wrong I have been this season.

AFC East (Predictions)

New England Patriots 12-4

New York Jets 10-6

Buffalo Bills 8-8

Miami 7-9

AFC East (After Eight Weeks of Action)

New England Patriots 8-0

Buffalo Bills 3-4

New York Jets 1-7

Miami Dolphins 0-8

Thoughts: I am right about two things, the Patriots being in first and the Dolphins being in last place. Unless the Patriots go 4-4, the Dolphins win seven of their next eight and the Bills win five of nine, I'll just be flat out wrong. There is already no hope for the Jets, they've lost seven games already.

AFC North (Predictions)

Baltimore Ravens 13-3

Pittsburgh Steelers 9-7

Cincinnati Bengals 9-7

Cleveland Browns 5-11

AFC North (After Eight Weeks of Action)

Pittsburgh Steelers 5-2

Cleveland Browns 4-3

Baltimore Ravens 4-3

Cincinnati Bengals 2-5

Thoughts: Once again, I am wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong, boy do I need a hug. I knew the Steelers would be ok, but I never expected things to go the way they would.

AFC South (Predictions)

Indianapolis Colts 13-3

Jacksonville Jaguars 10-6

Tennessee Titans 9-7

Houston Texans 4-12

AFC South (After Eight Weeks of Action)

Indianapolis Colts 7-0

Tennessee Titans 5-2

Jacksonville Jaguars 5-2

Houston Texans 3-5

Thoughts: It's still early, but it looks like this division gives me the best hope. The wins and losses could fall into place.

AFC West (Predictions)

Denver Broncos 11-5

Kansas City Chiefs 9-7

San Diego Chargers 8-8

Oakland Raiders 6-10

AFC West (After Eight Weeks of Action)

Kansas City Chiefs 4-3

San Diego Chargers 4-3

Denver Broncos 3-3

Oakland Raiders 2-5

Thoughts: On a category of 1-10 in being wrong, this division is at a 8.5

Stay tuned, I have the NFC coming up soon.


P.S. Happy 100th Posting to Me

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Mondays: Do Not Try This At Home

Happy Monday everybody. I am back after a few days away from my computer. I got some much needed rest and am ready to go for this week. Let's recap some of the games from Week eight, shall we?

See ya


Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Briefs: Picks and More

Happy Friday to you all. Keep in mind, I wrote this on a Thursday afternoon because I am going home for Fall Break. I won't be back on Sunday, therefore no College Football Updates are planned.

Last Sunday, I went 2-3 *keeps head down* and now I am 20-14 this season. I could use a little luck on my picks. What am I picking for this week?

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Jacksonville Jaguars- I picked the Jags before I picked against them. With David Garrard out, I think the Bucs have a better shot.

  • New York Giants over Miami Dolphins- I feel bad for the city of London, they get to deal with Tony Siragusa.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers over Cincinnati Bengals- Cheer up Cincy fans, at least Chris Henry can practice.

  • Chicago Bears over Detroit Lions- The Lions D are about to get Griese'D (Made that up)

  • A DOUBLE UPSET SPECIAL: Washington Redskins over New England Patriots AND Carolina Panthers over Indianapolis Colts- This may just be my stupidest picks yet.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rams get Jackson Back For Sunday

As the St. Louis Rams prepare to take on the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, their star running back Steven Jackson is expected to play.

The news could not come at a better time for the Rams as they have started the regular season 0-7 for the first time in team history.

Jackson has been dealing with a groin injury for over a month and has missed the last four games. On the season, Jackson has rushed only 69 times for 233 yards and zero touchdowns.

An Offensive Offense

If the Rams are to win this Sunday against the Browns, they need to start scoring again. The Rams have the worst offense in the, scoring 11 points per game.

It’s a great opportunity for the Rams because the Browns have the third worse scoring defense in the NFL, giving up 30 points per game. The Browns run defense is just as bad. They’ve given up 150 yards per game; the only team’s that are worse are the Miami Dolphins and the Denver Broncos. The Browns have also given up 450 yards per game, worst in the NFL.

If the Rams are to win pick up their first win of the season, this week is the week.

A High Scoring Affair?

Although the Browns have a terrible defense, their offense is fourth in the NFL in scoring, with 28 points per game. They are also seventh in total yards per game and eighth in passing yards per game. The Rams defense will have to step it up. The Rams have given up more than 27 points per game this season, among the worst in the NFL.

Claude Terrell Released

The Rams released guard Claude Terrell from the team on Tuesday after he was arrested earlier in the day for assaulting his wife at a Hampton Inn in the town of Webster, Texas.

Terrell was already in trouble after arguing with Rams head coach Scott Linehan last week, causing Linehan to lecture the rest of his players, last Thursday.

Terrell was a fourth round pick for the Rams in 2005. No word yet on any suspension for Terrell.

A Blackout in St. Louis?

The Rams face a possible local blackout on Sunday due to a shortage of tickets sold. There are still 2,900 tickets available for the game on Sunday. According to NFL rules, the Rams need to sell all tickets 72 hours before kickoff, or noon on Thursday. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Thursdays: Gotta Make the Picks

Happy Thursday to all. Once again, another week, another 2-3. This has not been my best month. I need to get my act together and figure out what I can do to improve my picks OR I can make more dumbass picks.
  • Arizona State over California- I'm apologizing ahead of time to my Math Professor, who went to Cal.
  • Oregon over USC- Sorry Gridiron Goddess.
  • Texas A&M over Kansas- The Jayhawks will stumble eventually.
  • Michigan over Minnesota- I needed to make at least one Big Ten pick.
  • Georgia over Florida- Sorry Gator fans



Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesdays with Romo: Can the Rams really go 0-16?

Can the Rams really go 0-16? It’s a thought-provoking question when you stop and think about it, but seriously, can they pull of the feat?

After a demoralizing loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

Here’s something for you, the Rams are 0-7. Last season, they went 4-3 in their first seven games. The only other team in the NFL that is 0-7 is the Miami Dolphins. The last team to start the regular season 0-7 was the Cincinnati Bengals in 2002.

Both the 1989 Dallas Cowboys and the 1996 New York Jets started the regular season 0-8; they both finished the season, 1-15. Both teams tied for the worst record under the 16-game format was established almost 30 years ago.

What about the offense? Seven years ago, people were calling the Rams “The Greatest Show on Turf,” now they are the lowest scoring team in the NFL.

They average just 11 points a game, worst in the NFL. In their first seven games last season, the Rams averaged 23 points per game. The Rams offense has scored 79 points in seven games.

Last year, in their first seven games, the Rams scored 163 points. They would go on to score 367 points for the regular season.

The Rams average 274 yards a game on offense, third worst in the NFL, behind the Buffalo Bills and the San Francisco 49ers.

What made the offense work last season was the rushing attack, led by Steven Jackson. He was in the top five in many of the rushing categories, including fifth in rushing yards with 1,805 and a tie for fourth in rushing touchdowns with 13.

Last season was without a doubt a career year for Jackson. This year, he has struggled quite significantly. It does not help that he has dealt with a groin injury. In three games this season, Jackson has rushed only 69 times for 233 yards and no touchdowns.

It’s hard to tell if the Rams will finish the season 0-16. They play the Cleveland Browns this week, a team that has had its highs and lows.

Week 11, the Rams will go on the road to face the 49ers. Their week two match up was the closest to victory that the Rams have gotten all season long. The 49ers offense is one of the worst in the NFL.

Week 13, the Rams play the Atlanta Falcons at home. It’s been a terrible year for the Falcons and the Rams best chance to win a game.

If the Rams got to a point where they would lose their first 15 games, they get to take on the Arizona Cardinals on the road during the final weekend of the season. The 1996 Jets picked up their only win of the season against the Cardinals.

Only time will tell if the 2007 St. Louis Rams will go 0-16 and with nine games left in the season, anything is possible.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Mondays: The Griese, Everybody Does It

Happy Monday to all and to all a Happy Monday. I know what you're thinking, that sounds redundant. I'm here to tell you that you are correct. Now, let's recap.

  • Chicago Bears defeat Philadelphia Eagles, 19-16- 97 yards, less than two minutes to go, Brian Griese led the Bears to victory.
  • Tennessee Titans defeat Houston Texans, 38-36- Rod Bironas, eight field goals, NFL Record, wow, onion rings, ranch dressing, chicken wings, cows, moo!
  • Buffalo Bills get revenge on Willis McGahee, win over Baltimore Ravens, 19-14- The Bills held on and won a game, gold star for the team.
  • Washington Redskins stop Arizona Cardinals, 21-19- The Redskins are the best team in the NFC East.
  • New York Giants defeat the San Francisco 49ers, 33-15- No, the Giants are the best in the NFC East.
  • Dallas Cowboys defeat Minnesota Vikings, 24-14- Okay, the Cowboys are the best in the NFC East.
  • ROMO ALERT : 31 for 39, one touchdown pass.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

College Football Update: My only update for the day

Hey guys, I figured I would do a recap of the earlier games. I am headed down to Cedar Rapids tonight to cover a fight event and I am excited. It should be a fun time. I won't really be able to do a recap of the games that are taking place tonight. What happened today, while I was busy with homecoming festivities?
  • Pittsburgh knocks off Cincinnati, 24-17- So much for me being a Cincy bandwagon jumper.
  • Vanderbilt upsets South Carolina, 17-6- Somewhere right now, Skip Bayless is dancing and I find that disturbing.
  • Alabama destroys Tennessee, 41-17- The SEC Upset Trifecta is now in play.
  • Clemson shatters the dreams of all Central Michigan fans, wins 70-14- Don't need nothing, but a good time, how can I resist? Ain't looking for nothing, but a good time and it don't get better than this.
  • North Dakota State hurts Minnesota fans, wins 24-17- Gophers: We're a real Big-Ten team. NDS: Not anymore.

Well that's my recap of the early games.



Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Briefs:

Happy Friday everybody. It's been a long week and I have a fight event to go and cover tomorrow night. I'm very excited about the event, even more excited than my homecoming. It's kind of sad when you think about it.

Once again, I went 3-2 last week. For the regular season, I am 18-11. Maybe, just maybe, I can go 5-0. Better yet, I'll be happy to get my 20th win of the season. Let's take a gander.
  • New Orleans Saints over Atlanta Falcons- The Saints picked up their first victory of the season on Sunday night. Meanwhile at the Hall of Justice, Aqua Man (Byron Leftwich) gets the start over Joey Harrington.
  • Oakland Raiders over Kansas City Chiefs- It's the Raiders, at home. I apologize to all the Chiefs fans.
  • Baltimore Ravens over Buffalo Bills- Willis McGahee comes back to Buffalo. Don't forget to say hi to the great staff at the Applebees on Union Road.
  • New York Jets over Cincinnati Bengals- Be hopeful Jets fans.
  • St. Louis Rams over Seattle Seahawks- The Rams gotta win during some point in the season.

See ya


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursdays: Back from a day off

Yesterday, I decided to take a day off from blogging. Don't worry, it's not like I missed anything important. I went 2-3 last week. Not one of my better weeks if you ask me. I need to start winning again.

On with the picks nonetheless:
  • Missouri over Texas Tech- This pick better pan out.
  • Kentucky over Florida- This one better as well.
  • Oregon over Washington- The Nike Foundation plays Ty Willingham's crew on the road. This pick scares me.
  • Illinois over Michigan- Big Blue on the road against the team that lost to the Iowa Hawkeyes. It's about time they played on the road
  • Auburn over LSU- These are called 'balls out' picks.



Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesdays with Romo: Considering a voluntary stay in a mental health institution

New York Giants defeat Atlanta Falcons, 31-10

This is without a doubt a story of two teams going in two different directions. The Giants have won four straight games after losing their first two. Eli Manning looked great. This may very well be the Giants team we have been waiting to see start playing. This team looks great. They are playing great football, even with all the questionmarks.

As for the Falcons, I don't know what to say. Words cannot describe my feelings toward the Falcons season. It seemed imminent that this team would have a bad year. This team is just not good at all. They're 1-5 and in last place in the NFC South. They can't score, they can't stop the run (but they're still better at it than the Bears), they can't protect their quarterback Joey Harrington, who has been sacked 17 times in six games this season. The most times Harrington has been sacked in one season, 36.

I'm not sure what to make of this team. I feel bad for the team and the city. I'm not going to call this a greek tragedy just yet, but I'm not too confident in seeing this team go up against the New Orleans Saints next week.

See ya


Monday, October 15, 2007

The Monday's: Devin Hester is my hero

Week six has brought us more action than a Steven Seagal flick (HAYOOOO). What other cheesy jokes do I have in my thoughts?

Nevermind that, let's recap Sunday's action:

  • Minnesota Vikings defeat Chicago Bears, 31-28- Wow, what a game this was. The run defense was bad for the Bears, but you gotta love the Devin Hester punt return. Better yet, enjoy these Adrian Peterson highlights.
  • New England Patriots defeat Dallas Cowboys, 48-27- Tom Brady has another big day. The Patriots appear unstoppable.
  • Carolina Panthers shatter the dreams of Arizona Cardinals, win 25-10- WAY TO GO VINNY!!! Say what you want about Vinny Testaverde, but this could be a good thing for the Panthers.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat Tennessee Titans, 13-10- No Vince Young....It's the Tiki....I mean Madden Curse *Tiki sounds*. Oh well, let's show the highlights.
  • Green Bay Packers defeat Washington Redskins, 17-14- Brett Favre broke the interception record, THIS WEEK, not last. I do apologize for the error.
  • Sunday Night Football Recap: New Orleans Saints defeat Seattle Seahawks, 28-17- BOO-YAH! Congratulations on a win Saints. You now have more wins than the St. Louis Rams and the Miami Dolphins. For that, you too get a highlight.
  • ROMO ALERT: Tony Romo threw for 199 yards and two touchdowns in the loss to the Patriots.

That's all, See ya


Saturday, October 13, 2007

College Football Update: The ALCS Is STILL On

I'll make this recap a rather quick one.

The ALCS is still on and in extra innings. I'll do a quick recap of tonights games.
  • Louisville upsets Cincinnati, 28-24- Tough loss for the Bearcats. What is a Bearcat?
  • Auburn defeats Arkansas, 9-7- Looks like a baseball score.
  • Oregon State upsets California, 31-28- Dumbest ending in the history of college football (that's just my feeling). I would have thrown the ball away.
  • Boston College beats Notre Dame- Enough said.
  • Oklahoma beats Missouri, 41-31- I should start picking against Notre Dame again.
  • Georgia holds off Vanderbilt, 20-17- TAKE THAT Skip Bayless

See ya


College Football Update: That SI Football Offer is Mighty Tempting

We are experiencing another super-duper fun day of the popular American sport, college football. Unfortunately, something is up with my cable and I cannot get ABC, so I am stuck watching the games on ESPN.

Before the night games get under way, let's recap some of the earlier action:
  • Iowa upsets Illinois, 10-6- Ron Zook: And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids and your dumb Hawk. I'm glad I missed this game to go cover a soccer match (they won).
  • Kentucky beats LSU, 43-37-NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I went against Kentucky and it backfired. Why me?
  • USC holds off Arizona, 20-13- The Men of Troy are back in business, or are they? This could be a false sense of security.
  • South Carolina holds off late rally by North Carolina to win, 21-15- One yard shy folks, just one more yard and who knows.
  • Oregon destroys Washington State, 53-7- Oooh that can't feel good.
  • Cornell beats Colgate, 17-14- Score one for the non-toothpaste team.
  • Texas blows away Iowa State, 56-3- Makes you want to hide in a corner and wait for the beatdown to end.
  • Oklahoma State destroys Nebraska, 45-14- I wonder, will Mike Gundy will stick up for the Cornhuskers after their terrible performance?
  • Ohio defeated Eastern Michigan, 48-42- Does anybody really care? I cared enough to post the score.
  • Northwestern beats Minnesota in a double overtime shootout, 49-48- This is Northwestern football, CJ Bacher, 449 yards and four touchdowns. Great win today guys!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Briefs: The Late Edition

Happy Friday everybody! It's cold and dreary here, just like my NFL picks have gone lately. Thankfully though I went 3-2, last week and 3-2 the week before. The season record currently stands at 16-9.

Let's get picking:
  • Philadelphia Eagles over New York Jets- I can't think of any good reason right now, so I'll just show this.
  • Cleveland Browns over Miami Dolphins- I'm not sold on Cleo Lemon.
  • Washington Redskins over Green Bay Packers- This one might give me some scrutiny. For that I say, Plunger Nipples.
  • New England Patriots over Dallas Cowboys- Sorry Namesake!
  • Oakland Raiders over San Diego Chargers- I am STILL not sold on the Chargers. It's like the Kool-Aid Man against Mr. Peanut. I pick Mr. Peanut.



Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday: I'm In A Slump

What is up with my picks, they are starting to go South, all of the sudden. The last two weeks, I have gone a combined 4-6.

It's time to start picking some winners. I'd be happy to go 3-2, this week. Here we go:
  • Missouri over Oklahoma- They beat Nebraska last week. I can't believe I'm picking the Tigers to beat the Sooners. Everytime I pick against the Sooners, I always lose, this must be a sign that I don't see. However, you can't argue over 41 points a game.
  • Auburn over Arkansas- TAKE THAT MCFADDEN!
  • Boston College over Notre Dame- The one-game winning streak ends in South Bend.
  • LSU over Kentucky- I think this one is a lot closer than the spread acknowledges.
  • North Carolina over South Carolina- It's the battle of the Carolina's. The only time Butch Davis (UNC) took on Steve Spurrier (USC), Davis came out on top. That showdown happened at the Sugar Bowl, during the 2000 season. Davis was at Miami and Spurrier at Florida. It's the same coaches, just on two different teams.

See ya


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hump Day Headlines

And now for something completely different....From the same idiot who brought you The NFL Preview Show Extravaganza and the Loser Rankings, comes HUMP DAY HEADLINES.

Let's get cracking:

See ya


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tuesday's with Romo: Our Folk-Hero and A New Chapter in the Romo Legacy

Let me start this recap out by saying, Wow! This is a definite nomination for the Monday Night Game of the Year. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Buffalo Bills, 25-24.

Nick Folk won the game for the Cowboys on a 53-yard field goal. What made it amazing was the fact that he had to kick it twice (Dick Jauron called a timeout for the first attempt).

Yes, Tony Romo did throw five interceptions, but he still led his team back when they needed him. The Cowboys were down eight points, late in the game.

Patrick Crayton caught a 4-yard touchdown pass, with 20 seconds left. After recovering an onside kick. The Cowboys got close enough for Folk to be the hero (That's a very popular term right now).

This was a great game. The Bills did the best they could. They forced six turnovers, but no offensive touchdowns. Terrence McGee ran back a touchdown that went 103-yards. George Wilson and Chris Kelsay both returned an interception for a touchdown.

ROMO ALERT: 309 yards, five interceptions and two touchdown passes.

Monday Night Player of the Game: Nick Folk- This guy got the game winner. He kicked it and it went through the up-rights. Congratulations!

See ya


Photo Source: AP

Monday, October 8, 2007


Week five has mostly left us. With the exception of the Monday Night Football game, taking place later on tonight, it's safe to assume that the week is over.

Time for some thoughts on Week 5:
  • Chicago Bears defeated the Green Bay Packers, 27-20- Wow, I'm a Bears fan and I never saw it coming. Brian Griese, who looks like Mr. Roper from 'Enter the Dragon', had two touchdown passes.

    The Bears needed this win and they certainly went into Lambeau Field and got the job done. Cornerback Charles Tillman forced two fumbles, which helped the Bears get back into the game.

    Also, Brett Favre tied (not passed like previously mentioned) George Blanda for most interceptions All-Time. A big congratulations to him.
  • Washington Redskins blow out the Detroit Lions, 34-3- What a great game for Jason Campbell, 23 of 29, 248 yards and two touchdowns. Plus check out this video from yesterday's game.

    As for Detroit, their offense shut down faster than a power outage at a Dave Matthews Band concert. They had 11 first downs and 144 total net yards. Quarterback Jon Kitna threw two picks. Like I said on Friday, I'm still not sold on the Lions.
  • Houston Texans defeat the Miami Dolphins on a last second field goal by Kris Brown, 22-19- Great game for Ronnie Brown, 114 yards on 23 carries and one touchdown.

    The Texans scored only one touchdown. Brown had five field goals and that includes the 57-yarder that he kicked with one second left.

    The bigger story is the fact that the Dolphins are 0-5 and their quarterback Trent Green got knocked out of the game. The good news is that he's ok.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers shut out the Seattle Seahawks, 21-0- Great work for the Steelers, I did call this game.
  • New York Giants defeated New York Jets, 35-24- Did the Giants win, or did the Jets lose?
  • San Diego destroyed the Denver Broncos, 41-3- Ooooh, that looks like it hurt.

  • Monday Night Football Pick: Dallas Cowboys over Buffalo Bills

See ya


Saturday, October 6, 2007

College Football Update: The Badgers Got 'Juiced'

I'm not sure where we should start on this super exciting day of college football. It was another terrific day of football.
  • Illinois knocks off Wisconsin, 31-26, Rashard Mendenhall=Total Awesomeness
  • USC falls to Stanford, 24-23- Is it me, or did Jim Harbaugh plan for this game all season? This is no doubt about it, Stanford's biggest win of the year.
  • Oklahoma defeats Texas, 28-21- Well I did cover the spread.
  • Tennessee defeats Georgia, 35-14- I should really stop picking SEC games.
  • LSU defeats Florida, 28-24- Well at least something went my way tonight.

See you guys Monday


Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Briefs: I'm 20-Years-Old Today, Hoop Dee Damn Doo

Well it is Friday, one more day until the weekend. It is also my 20th birthday. Let's get this party started then with my NFL Picks, plus some random video.

  • St. Louis Rams over Arizona Cardinals- All hail Gus Frerotte, the savior of the Rams. I'm still not sold on the Cardinals.
  • Washington Redskins over Detroit Lions- If the Redskins want to prove that they are the real deal (Holyfield), they need to beat the Lions, who I am still not sold on.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers over Seattle Seahawks- A Super Bowl XL rematch, that will see the Steelers coming out on top.
  • Denver Broncos over San Diego Chargers- In honor of Travis Henry.
  • New York Giants over New York Jets- I pick New York, hahaha.

Thank you, here's the Ramones


Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thurday's: Time for the Picks

Happy Thursday, I'll keep this short and simple with my picks. I went 2-3, last week and I'm not very happy about that happening. Although with how last weekend went down, I'm sure everybody had a hard time with their picks. I'm 18-7, so let's try and get back on track.
  • Texas over Oklahoma- Both teams lost and somebody will lose their second straight.
  • Cincinnati over Rutgers- This team looks better than the Bengals.
  • Purdue over Ohio State- The Boilermakers look good this season. A win over the Buckeyes makes Purdue a serious contender to win the Big 10 title.
  • LSU over Florida- Those Bayou Bengals might destroy the Gators.
  • Nebraska over Missouri- Once again, I'm going bold with the Cornhuskers.

See ya tomorrow


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hump Day: Why Must We Suffer?

Yes it is Wednesday.

It is also two more days until my Birthday. Let's start the celebration early by making fun of some losers in the NFL.

10. San Francisco 49ers- They have no offense. Plus their quarterback Alex Smith is down for the year, at least that's what reports say. I still have faith that they can make the playoffs, but Frank Gore really needs to tear it up on Sunday.

9. New Orleans Saints- Hey they had the week off. They didn't lose. The Saints moved up one spot because they didn't win. (If that makes sense)

8. Minnesota Vikings- They have Adrian Peterson.

7. New York Mets- Why would they be on the Loser Rankings. Easy, they gave up that big lead in the NL East. So quit your crying Met fans, at least I didn't put them at #1.

6. Philadelphia Eagles- What is going on with this team? Osi Umenyora had a blast sacking Donovan McNabb.

5. St. Louis Rams- They benched Marc Bulger and are going with Gus Frerotte.

4. Cincinnati Bengals- I went over this yesterday. Now word out of Cincy is that wide receiver Chad Johnson did not practice today.

3. San Diego Chargers- I told you somebody would move up in that showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs.

2. Miami Dolphins- This team was magically left off, last week. I'm not making that mistake this week. At least they have Ronnie Brown.

1. Chicago Bears- Once again, my favoritism towards Chicago wins out. I knew Brian Griese couldn't save the Bears. Now they get to go into Green Bay on Sunday Night (is Football Night) and get humiliated by John Madden's best friend, Brett Favre.

I'm out of here


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tuesday's with Romo: The Bengals Aren't That Good

The Cincinnati Bengals lost to the New England Patriots, 34-13. I'll be honest, I didn't watch any of the game and it's not just because of Colorado Rockies-San Diego Padres Wild Card, Throw Down.

But let's face it, the Patriots are just a better team.

Don't believe me, watch this:

  • Quarterback: Tom Brady or Carson Palmer- Come on with all those weapons, it's Brady.

  • Patriots running backs or Bengals running backs- All Patriots. What, Sammy Morris played great.

  • Kickers: Stephen Gostowski or Shayne Graham- I'll take Gostowski.

  • Receivers: Chad and TJ or Randy Moss & Friends: That's a no brainer, you have to take Randy Moss & Friends. Besides, it sounds like a new variety show that will air on ABC, this fall.

  • Defense: Do you even need to ask?

  • Coaches: For the sake of hearing it from the Boston fans, I'll take Bill Belicheck.

That's all

I'll see ya tomorrow


Monday, October 1, 2007

The Monday's: Seriously, San Diego, Bad???

Week four of the NFL season saw a lot of action and storylines.

Sorry for being late, but let's get started.
  • Kansas City Chiefs destroyed the San Diego Chargers in the fourth quarter- Hahahahahahahahaha. Sorry Charger fans, but your team sucks!
  • Buffalo Bills defeat New York Jets, 17-14- A win for the Bills means a loss for the Jets.
  • Indianapolis Colts defeat Denver Broncos, 38-20- Great game for Colts tight end Dallas Clark.
  • Chicago Bears lose again, to the Lions- I don't want to talk about the game. I didn't even get a chance to see it. So instead I'll say GO CUBS!!!
  • Oakland Raiders beat the Miami Dolphins- Hey great to see the Raiders in the mix.
  • Arizona Cardinals shocked the Pittsburgh Steelers, 21-14- Okay, it might not be shocking, so to say, but hey Ken Whisenhunt got to stick it to his old team.
  • ROMO ALERT: Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo leads the Cowboys to another victory, 35-7, over the St. Louis Rams. Romo scored four touchdowns total (three passing, one rushing). He also threw for 339 yards and is third in the NFL in passing yards.

See you guys Tuesday, and go Rockies!