Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Briefs: I'm 20-Years-Old Today, Hoop Dee Damn Doo

Well it is Friday, one more day until the weekend. It is also my 20th birthday. Let's get this party started then with my NFL Picks, plus some random video.

  • St. Louis Rams over Arizona Cardinals- All hail Gus Frerotte, the savior of the Rams. I'm still not sold on the Cardinals.
  • Washington Redskins over Detroit Lions- If the Redskins want to prove that they are the real deal (Holyfield), they need to beat the Lions, who I am still not sold on.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers over Seattle Seahawks- A Super Bowl XL rematch, that will see the Steelers coming out on top.
  • Denver Broncos over San Diego Chargers- In honor of Travis Henry.
  • New York Giants over New York Jets- I pick New York, hahaha.

Thank you, here's the Ramones