Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Briefs: Picks and More

Happy Friday to you all. Keep in mind, I wrote this on a Thursday afternoon because I am going home for Fall Break. I won't be back on Sunday, therefore no College Football Updates are planned.

Last Sunday, I went 2-3 *keeps head down* and now I am 20-14 this season. I could use a little luck on my picks. What am I picking for this week?

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers over Jacksonville Jaguars- I picked the Jags before I picked against them. With David Garrard out, I think the Bucs have a better shot.

  • New York Giants over Miami Dolphins- I feel bad for the city of London, they get to deal with Tony Siragusa.

  • Pittsburgh Steelers over Cincinnati Bengals- Cheer up Cincy fans, at least Chris Henry can practice.

  • Chicago Bears over Detroit Lions- The Lions D are about to get Griese'D (Made that up)

  • A DOUBLE UPSET SPECIAL: Washington Redskins over New England Patriots AND Carolina Panthers over Indianapolis Colts- This may just be my stupidest picks yet.

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