Saturday, October 13, 2007

College Football Update: That SI Football Offer is Mighty Tempting

We are experiencing another super-duper fun day of the popular American sport, college football. Unfortunately, something is up with my cable and I cannot get ABC, so I am stuck watching the games on ESPN.

Before the night games get under way, let's recap some of the earlier action:
  • Iowa upsets Illinois, 10-6- Ron Zook: And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids and your dumb Hawk. I'm glad I missed this game to go cover a soccer match (they won).
  • Kentucky beats LSU, 43-37-NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I went against Kentucky and it backfired. Why me?
  • USC holds off Arizona, 20-13- The Men of Troy are back in business, or are they? This could be a false sense of security.
  • South Carolina holds off late rally by North Carolina to win, 21-15- One yard shy folks, just one more yard and who knows.
  • Oregon destroys Washington State, 53-7- Oooh that can't feel good.
  • Cornell beats Colgate, 17-14- Score one for the non-toothpaste team.
  • Texas blows away Iowa State, 56-3- Makes you want to hide in a corner and wait for the beatdown to end.
  • Oklahoma State destroys Nebraska, 45-14- I wonder, will Mike Gundy will stick up for the Cornhuskers after their terrible performance?
  • Ohio defeated Eastern Michigan, 48-42- Does anybody really care? I cared enough to post the score.
  • Northwestern beats Minnesota in a double overtime shootout, 49-48- This is Northwestern football, CJ Bacher, 449 yards and four touchdowns. Great win today guys!

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Bo Jangles said...

never go against kentucky!!