Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How Wrong Am I? (NFC Edition)

NFC East (Predictions)

Philadelphia Eagles 12-4
New York Giants 9-7
Washington Redskins 8-8
Dallas Cowboys 7-9

NFC East (Through Week Eight)

Dallas Cowboys 6-1
New York Giants 6-2
Washington Redskins 4-3
Philadelphia Eagles 3-4

Thoughts: It's a little out of order right now, but if the Eagles can win nine straight, I think I'll be okay. The Giants are doing great, but they can they hold on? Romo's boys are doing freakin awesome, but we need to wait and see how they do in the second half. This division looks really good right now and I think we are due for exciting times.

NFC North (Predictions)

Chicago Bears 11-5
Green Bay Packers 9-7
Minnesota Vikings 7-9
Detroit Lions 5-11

NFC North (Through Week Eight)

Green Bay Packers 6-1
Detroit Lions 5-2
Chicago Bears 3-5
Minnesota Vikings 2-5

Thoughts: The Packers are playing great so far this season. If the running game can improve, I think the Pack win the division. The Lions really made a statement against the Bears on Sunday. They Lions could win 10 games this season. As for the Vikings, ADRIAN PETERSON!!! Enough said.

NFC South (Predictions)

New Orleans Saints 13-3
Carolina Panthers 8-8
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-9
Atlanta Falcons 4-12

NFC South (Through Week Eight)

Carolina Panthers 4-3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-4
New Orleans Saints 3-4
Atlanta Falcons 1-6

Thoughts: This is a crapshoot between the three top teams. The Falcons are done, obviously.

NFC West (Predictions)

San Francisco 49ers 10-6
St. Louis Rams 10-6
Seattle Seahawks 9-7
Arizona Cardinals 6-10

NFC West (Through Week Eight)

Seattle Seahawks 4-3
Arizona Cardinals 3-4
San Francisco 49ers 2-5
St. Louis Rams 0-8

Thoughts: What can I say? Seriously, what? This division confuses me. I am so wrong about this division. I don't know what it looks like to you guys, but I don't think anybody wants to win the NFC West.

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