Saturday, October 20, 2007

College Football Update: My only update for the day

Hey guys, I figured I would do a recap of the earlier games. I am headed down to Cedar Rapids tonight to cover a fight event and I am excited. It should be a fun time. I won't really be able to do a recap of the games that are taking place tonight. What happened today, while I was busy with homecoming festivities?
  • Pittsburgh knocks off Cincinnati, 24-17- So much for me being a Cincy bandwagon jumper.
  • Vanderbilt upsets South Carolina, 17-6- Somewhere right now, Skip Bayless is dancing and I find that disturbing.
  • Alabama destroys Tennessee, 41-17- The SEC Upset Trifecta is now in play.
  • Clemson shatters the dreams of all Central Michigan fans, wins 70-14- Don't need nothing, but a good time, how can I resist? Ain't looking for nothing, but a good time and it don't get better than this.
  • North Dakota State hurts Minnesota fans, wins 24-17- Gophers: We're a real Big-Ten team. NDS: Not anymore.

Well that's my recap of the early games.



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