Monday, November 30, 2009

The Mondays: So about Tennessee...

Tennessee Titans 20 - Arizona Cardinals 17- The Titans are no doubt hotter than Hansel right now. I think Mugatu would agree with that. Vince Young has turned this 0-6 cellar team into something amazing. I said the Titans were the best 0-3 team at one point. Of course, I also lost my faith in the Titans. They get Indy on the road next week. If the Titans can beat Indy, they'll be 6-6. Their toughest opponent is San Diego in their final four games. If the Titans can go 3-1, to go along with the Indy win, they have a very good shot at gaining a wild card spot. Considering how the Titans started, it would be one of the greatest comebacks of all time.

Indianapolis Colts 35 - Houston Texans 27- Peyton Manning showed why he's one of the best. He really pulled the Colts out of their first half lag and took them to a win in Houston. The Texans. Manning didn't play too great in the first half, but hey they pulled it together and that's what counts.

Atlanta Falcons 20 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17- No Matt Ryan and Michael Turner for the Falcons. Chris Redman helped get the Falcons to victory on Sunday. So...yay Chris Redman!

New York Jets 17 - Carolina Panthers 6- A 12.7 QB rating for Jake Delhomme? I think time's running out for Delhomme in Carolina.

SUNDAY NIGHT RECAP: Baltimore Ravens 20 - Pittsburgh Steelers 17- The Ravens won it in OT. They needed the win and got it. The Steelers might be having some issues though. We have to wait and see though.

MONDAY NIGHT PREDICTION: New England over New Orleans

See you Tuesday!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving and Weekly Picks

I won't be doing too much blogging due to the Thanksgiving week. I will have a post up for Monday. Here's my Thanksgiving picks though:

Green Bay over Detroit
Dallas over Oakland
New York over Denver

Now my regular picks. Last week, I went 4-1. I'm now 40-16 for the season.

Atlanta over Tampa Bay
Cincy over Cleveland
Philly over Washington
San Francisco over Jacksonville
UPSET PICK: Houston over Indy

Have a great Thanksgiving, guys!

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Mondays: San Diego proves they're a good team

San Diego Chargers 32 - Denver Broncos 3- The Chargers are indeed one of the hottest teams in the AFC. They wanted to make a statement and they did it. The Chargers are hot, the Broncos are not. All of the sudden after their 6-0 start, the Broncos have lost four straight. Denver gets the Giants for Thanksgiving. If the Broncos lose in the Meadowlands on Thursday night, then don't expect them to win the West.

Detroit Lions 38 - Cleveland Browns 37- These are two teams that actually put up points. Matthew Stafford and Brady Quinn had big games today. Stafford threw for 422 yards and five touchdowns, including the game winner as time expired.

Dallas Cowboys 7 - Washington Redskins 6- The Cowboys didn't look very good on Sunday. Then again, who really did look good out of the East on Sunday?

Oakland Raiders 20 - Cincinnati Bengals 17- The Bengals had to stumble at some point. They're good, but not that good.

SUNDAY NIGHT RECAP: Philly defeats Chicago- I cursed when the game ended and I'll probably curse for the rest of the week. I don't even want to put in the score, that's how unhappy I am. I just can't bring myself to talk about this game.

MONDAY NIGHT PREDICTION: Houston over Tennessee. (NOTE: I will not be tweeting this game, so you'll have to make your own Gruden jokes.)

Enjoy your Monday! I can only hope I'll enjoy mine.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Briefs: Your Picks

I went 3-2 once again, last week. I'm now 36-15 for the season. Here we go on picks:

Green Bay over San Francisco
New York (Giants) over Atlanta
Jacksonville over Buffalo
UPSET PICK 1: San Diego over Denver
UPSET PICK 2: Cleveland over Detroit

Have a safe weekend everybody!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hump Day: A Fresh Batch of Loser Rankings

1. Cleveland Browns- This might be the only team in the league that hasn't shown any signs of improvement over the course of the season. There is some good news (and there isn't any car insurance involved). The Browns get to face our #2 team on this list on Sunday.

2. Detroit Lions- Matthew Stafford hasn't had a lot of luck this season. In seven games this season, he's completed six touchdown passes and thrown 12 interceptions. But then again, it's the Lions and there isn't a lot of talent on the team outside of Calvin Johnson. The good news for the Lions is that they get to face the Browns this week.

3. Oakland Raiders- They did lose to the Chiefs this week. Could the JaMarcus Russell era be over in Oakland? With two touchdown passes and nine interceptions, it looks like Bruce Gradkowski could get his shot at the starting job. But then again, it's the Raiders. Either way, we'll find out later this afternoon.

4. St. Louis Rams- I hate putting this team at #4, especially after how well they played against the New Orleans Saints. Unfortunately, they're the lowest scoring team in the NFC. That said, the Rams are still playing some great football. They get Arizona at home this Sunday.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- This is another team playing great football right now. They won against the Packers and almost beat the Dolphins. Josh Freeman has thrown for four touchdown passes and 401 yards in two starts this season.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesdays with Romo: And now for something completely different

No recap of the Monday night game because it just wasn't worth it. So, enjoy this.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Mondays: Game of the Year?

SUNDAY NIGHT RECAP: Indianapolis Colts 35 – New England Patriots 34-
This has to be one of the best games of the year, by far. The Patriots had a 17-point lead going into the fourth quarter. However, the Colts started to whittle away at the lead. Manning’s two fourth quarter touchdowns kept the Colts from putting a one in the loss column. Was it a mistake for the Patriots to go for it on fourth-and-two? Probably, but that’s how it works sometimes. You don’t get a favorable call and you have no challenges to your discretion. That’s life!

Cincinnati Bengals 18 – Pittsburgh Steelers 12- I’m really eating my words over the Bengals success this season. They have done far better than my original expectation. They’ve swept the Ravens and now the Steelers. How long will it be until we start calling these guys contenders for the Super Bowl?

Jacksonville Jaguars 24 – New York Jets 22- The Jags are gaining steam. They’ve gone 5-2 in their last seven games. By the way, their two straight wins have come by a combined five points. At 5-4, The Jags could make a run at the playoffs. However, they have Houston, Indianapolis, Miami and New England (they could be fighting for a first round bye). They even have to face Cleveland in their final regular season game in January. It could be a cold, snowy affair.

New Orleans Saints28 – St. Louis Rams 23- The Rams gave the Saints quite a scare on Sunday. Drew Brees had a “meh” kind of game. Marc Bulger actually had more yards and a better QB rating. The Saints appear to have peaked. This week, they get a Tampa Bay team that could be thinking of playing the spoiler role.

Kansas City Chiefs 16 – Oakland Raiders 10- In the “There Are No Winners, Only Losers” Bowl, the Chiefs decided to win this game. Jamaal Charles ran for 103 yards and one touchdown (which came on a fourth down) in the Chiefs first game without Larry Johnson on the sideline. Darrius Heyward-Bey missed the memo on being the hero of this game, as he bobbled the ball into the air and into the waiting arms of Chiefs safety Mike Brown

Green Bay Packers 17 – Dallas Cowboys 7- ROMO ALERT: The namesake passed for 1 touchdown, but was sacked five times in the loss. This game was…well it wasn’t much of a game. It was 3-0 for the first three quarters. All the excitement came in the fourth quarter, but the excitement was in favor of the Packers. Good news for fantasy owners, Roy Williams had a 100-yard receiving day.

MONDAY NIGHT PREDICTION: Baltimore over Cleveland by a lot.

See you guys on Tuesday.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Briefs: Your Week 10 Picks

Sadly, I went 3-2 last week. But hey, anybody has to go down a little bit after a 5-0 week. So now I'm 33-13 for the year. So here's the picks:

Tennessee over Buffalo
New York (Jets) over Jacksonville
Pittsburgh over Cincinnati
Arizona over Seattle
UPSET PICK: Kansas City over Oakland

See you guys on Monday.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hump Day: A New Loser's Rankings

1. Detroit Lions-
The Lions are freefalling and it's a bit amusing to watch. Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press thinks it is possible for the Lions to win three straight. Maybe they can!

2. Kansas City Chiefs- They got rid of Larry Johnson on Monday. This process of rebuilding will be taking a while. Matt Cassel played a lot better after the bye week, passing for 262 yards and two touchdowns in the loss to Jacksonville. Things could be looking up, but who knows.

3. Cleveland Browns- The Browns had a bye week. If they were smart, they'd be taking on some high school teams to prepare for their next game.

4. St. Louis Rams- Okay, so they got a bye week as well, but they did win their last game. Maybe they can take the rest of the season off.

5. Washington Redskins- To be fair, the Bucs did win their first game and it wasn't against the Lions. It was against the PACKERS!!! PARTY!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesdays with Romo: The air is very thin

Pittsburgh Steelers 28 - Denver Broncos 10- This was a statement game for the Steelers. They're on the road against a pretty tough opponent in a place where it's hard to breathe, plus the Steelers are injury plagued. They struck hard though.

Ben Roethlisberger threw three touchdown passes in the win. Big credit though to Tyrone Carter for returning a 48-yard interception for a touchdown. Carter gets the Oh No Romo Player of the Game. For his efforts, he gets a free pair of argyle socks.

The Steelers are playing well, winning four straight. They get another shot at Cincy on Sunday. It's at home and they have a good shot. A win over the Bengals puts the Steelers back in the drivers seat in the AFC North. We'll see what happens.

As for the Broncos, well now they only have a one game lead over the Chargers. A win on Sunday will keep them ahead of San Diego, at least until the two encounter each other the week after.

See you guys on Wednesday.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Mondays: Score one for the Creamsicles

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 38 - Green Bay Packers 28- So is it time to start panicking in Green Bay? If so, then PANIC!!! I don't care personally. It's nice to see the Bucs join the winners club of the 2009 NFL season. For their efforts they will receive a free pair of socks. I gotta ask though, was anybody else happy to see them bring back the creamsicle uniforms, even if it was only for one game?

Indianapolis Colts 20 - Houston Texans 17- The Colts survived a big scare today. How many more of these scares can they survive?

Atlanta Falcons 31 - Washington Redskins 17- The video is all I have to talk about this game.

Seattle Seahawks 32 - Detroit Lions 20- The Seahawks are certainly headed for a mediocre season. The Lions continue their losing ways though.

San Diego Chargers 21 - New York Giants 20- The Giants are free falling at a pace that nobody expected. I'm very surprised.

SUNDAY NIGHT RECAP: Dallas Cowboys 20 - Philadelphia Eagles 17- ROMO ALERT: The namesake passed for 307 yards and one touchdown. Could this Cowboy team be for real? We'll see after Thanksgiving for sure.

MONDAY NIGHT PICK: Pittsburgh over Denver

See you guys on Tuesday

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Briefs: Week 9 Picks

Great news everybody, I went 5-0 last week. So now I'm 30-11 for the season. I've won over 70 percent of my games. It's a great feeling to know that I'm doing this well. I hope to maintain this position for the second half of the season. Here we go:

Seattle over Detroit
Indy over Houston
Jacksonville over KC
San Francisco over Tennessee
UPSET PICK: Carolina over New Orleans

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hump Day: Your Loser Rankings for First Week of November

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- They're the only NFL team without a win this season. They get Green Bay this week. Josh Freeman makes his first NFL start this Sunday. Maybe he can get Tampa their first win too.

2. Cleveland Browns- They got rid of GM George Kokinis. That said, I announced on Twitter that I was interested in the GM position. I still am Mr. Lerner. I have qualifications...Okay maybe not, but still, I can't do any worse than before.

3. St. Louis Rams- I knew they would win at some point. Every team has to win. The Lions did it earlier this year and now the Rams are in the win column.

4. Detroit Lions- The Lions find themselves back on the list. The honeymoon is over. You guys are 1-6.

5. Kansas City Chiefs- The Chiefs won a spot over the Titans this week because the Titans won over Jacksonville.

The season standings are put off until the end of the season, when we declare our winner...I mean loser.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesdays with Romo: Saints are 7-0

New Orleans Saints 35 - Atlanta Falcons 27- This was an interesting game for most of the night. The Saints looked like they were in control when they led at halftime 28-14.

The Falcons scored in the third quarter when Matt Ryan connected with Roddy White on a 68-yard touchdown pass. Jason Elam kicked a field goal in the fourth to get the Falcons within four points of the Saints. Elam missed two field goal kicks prior.

A New Orleans fumble gave the Falcons the ball in Saints territory. However, Ryan was picked off in the end zone. Pierre Thomas cushioned the Saints lead with a one-yard run for a touchdown.

The Falcons nailed a field goal late and recovered the onside kick. However, Ryan was picked off by Darren Sharper with eight seconds left in the game.

Drew Brees completed 25-of-33 for 308 yards and two touchdowns. Brees has now crossed the 2,000 yard plateau for the season. Ryan completed 19-of-41 for 289 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions. Michael Turner rushed for 151 yards and one touchdown in the Falcons loss.

The Saints could easily go 10-0 at this rate. They get Carolina this week, St. Louis and Tampa after that. Right now, the Saints just look great.

As for the Falcons, they're 4-3. They get Washington at home this week. If something were to happen and the Falcons lost, there would be a lot of issues. We'll see what happens though. That's why they play the games.

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Mondays: Another week has passed

Baltimore Ravens 30 - Denver Broncos 7- So now the Broncos aren't undefeated anymore. They lost on Sunday and that's that. Neither side had a great day on offense. Both teams didn't hit the 300 total yards plateau. This was an important win for the Ravens. They're now 5-3 and heading to Cincy on Sunday, looking for revenge.

Chicago Bears 30 - Cleveland Browns 7- The Bears needed to end their two-game skid and they did so against Cleveland. Word out of Cleveland is that Jamal Lewis might retire after the season. This comes according to the Cleveland Plains Dealer. As for head coach Eric Mangini, it sounds like his job is safe for the rest of the season.

St. Louis Rams 17 - Detroit Lions 10- Yours truly knew the Rams needed to win at some point. Sure enough, they did pick up that win. Steven Jackson is the only bright spot for this team this season. Jackson was third in the NFL in rushing yards. Fun Fact: Jackson picked up his first rushing touchdown of the season on Sunday.

Minnesota Vikings 38 - Green Bay Packers 26- I can't remember seeing the Packers have this much of an issue against the Vikings. It's not like them to lose this badly to the Vikings. (Stopped caring about Favre, suggest you do the same)

Tennessee Titans 30 - Jacksonville Jaguars 13- Chris Johnson put up big yards in the Titans first win of the season. The second-year star churned out 228 yards and two touchdowns.

Miami Dolphins 30 - New York Jets 25- So is there panic in the streets of New York yet? Or are New Yorkers still distracted with the Yankees?

Philadelphia Eagles 40 - New York Giants 17- LALALALALALALA YANKEES!!! That
s what I'd say if I was a New Yorker

San Diego Chargers 24 - Oakland Raiders 16- The Chargers get the Giants, Eagles and Broncos in their next three games. If they can take two out of three, with the second one being Denver, then the Chargers will be okay in the wild card hunt. Interesting issue with Raiders head coach Tom Cable.

MONDAY NIGHT PREDICTION: Atlanta over New Orleans

See you guys on Tuesday.