Monday, November 30, 2009

The Mondays: So about Tennessee...

Tennessee Titans 20 - Arizona Cardinals 17- The Titans are no doubt hotter than Hansel right now. I think Mugatu would agree with that. Vince Young has turned this 0-6 cellar team into something amazing. I said the Titans were the best 0-3 team at one point. Of course, I also lost my faith in the Titans. They get Indy on the road next week. If the Titans can beat Indy, they'll be 6-6. Their toughest opponent is San Diego in their final four games. If the Titans can go 3-1, to go along with the Indy win, they have a very good shot at gaining a wild card spot. Considering how the Titans started, it would be one of the greatest comebacks of all time.

Indianapolis Colts 35 - Houston Texans 27- Peyton Manning showed why he's one of the best. He really pulled the Colts out of their first half lag and took them to a win in Houston. The Texans. Manning didn't play too great in the first half, but hey they pulled it together and that's what counts.

Atlanta Falcons 20 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17- No Matt Ryan and Michael Turner for the Falcons. Chris Redman helped get the Falcons to victory on Sunday. So...yay Chris Redman!

New York Jets 17 - Carolina Panthers 6- A 12.7 QB rating for Jake Delhomme? I think time's running out for Delhomme in Carolina.

SUNDAY NIGHT RECAP: Baltimore Ravens 20 - Pittsburgh Steelers 17- The Ravens won it in OT. They needed the win and got it. The Steelers might be having some issues though. We have to wait and see though.

MONDAY NIGHT PREDICTION: New England over New Orleans

See you Tuesday!

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