Sunday, September 30, 2007

College Football Update: Does Anybody Else Have a Bad Feeling in Their Stomach???

Wow, what another great Saturday that the great game of college football has given us.

Unfortunately, it was laced with plenty of upsets. Let's go over the upsets, dating back to last night:
  • South Florida upsets West Virginia- I called that one.
  • Auburn upsets Florida, 20-17- It took a field goal as time expired to win. Nonetheless, still a great win for the Tigers.
  • Illinois defeats Penn State, 27-20- Great win for the Illini.
  • Colorado defeats Oklahoma, 27-24- TAKE THAT BOB STOOPS!!!
  • Maryland upsets Rutgers, 34-24- Ooh a stumble for the Scarlet Knights.
  • Georgia Tech upsets Clemson, 13-3- One Bowden goes down.
  • Florida State upsets Alabama, 21-14, But the other one defeats a Saban.
  • Kansas State destroys Texas, 41-21, Owwww, that didn't look fun. I guess lightning can strike twice.
  • USC prevents upset, defeats Washington, 27-24- USC is safe, for another day.

That's all I have, you guys have a great weekend.


Saturday, September 29, 2007

College Football Update: Another One Bites the Dust

Happy College Football Saturday Day!!!! Yes I did make that up. Deal with it.

Once again, it's been another exciting Saturday of college football, let's get going on a recap of the day. I think we can call this the day of upsets. We saw some ranked teams lose today, who came out a loser.

  • Illinois upsets Penn State, 27-20- The Illini are off to a great start. They're 4-1 overall (2-0 in the conference). The last time the Illini had that good of a start, it was 2001, Ron Turner was coach and Kurt Kittner was quarterback. They seem to be on to something good in Champaign.
  • Colorado edges Oklahoma, 27-24- People in Norman must be feeling blue. Great win for Colorado today.
  • Kansas State destroys Texas, 41-21- It was inevitable for the Longhorns. My Heisman pick, Colt McCoy, does not look like a Heisman candidate.
  • Wisconsin holds off Michigan State, 37-34- Wisconsin holds on at home. But how will they do on the road next week against the hot Illini.
  • California defeats Oregon, 31-24- Great now I'm 2-2 in my picks. I need Florida to win tonight.

I'll be back later


Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Brief's: Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Happy Friday, everybody.

It is time for those crazy NFL Picks. Last weekend, I went 3-2 and am now 10-5 on the year. I am still over .500, but I need to keep on going.
  • Green Bay Packers over Minnesota Vikings- Brett Favre and his team of youngins are on fire at this point. Do not expect the Vikings to win, unless you are a poor Vikings fan.
  • San Francisco 49ers over Seattle Seahawks- Yes the Niners don't have a great offense, but they're playing at home. It will be close, very close.
  • Indianapolis Colts over Denver Broncos- It's Indy, at home, this is going to be fun fun fun. Still not convinced, let this change your mind.
  • Carolina Panthers over Tampa Bay Buccaneers- David Carr, or Jake Delhomme? I think Delhomme starts and the Panthers win. If Carr starts, I might as well add a loss to the column.
  • Kansas City Chiefs over San Diego Chargers- Hey somebody has to win. This game will be very painful to watch, and not because of Randy Cross.

See ya


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday's: We Got the Funk

Ahhh yes, it is that time once again, where I make five more college picks for the week. I seem to be stuck with going 4-1 in my college picks. Had Penn State won, I would have gone 5-0. I'm now 16-4. Let's keep the streak going.
  • South Florida over West Virginia- Hey anything is possible. Sometimes you have to go balls to the wall.
  • Oregon over California- Once again, what do I have to lose?
  • Wisconsin over Michigan State- It's great to see the Spartans back in the Big Ten picture, but they don't hold a candle to the Badgers.
  • Florida over Auburn- The Gators need to keep Tebow healthy, he's their only running back.
  • Texas over Kansas State- K-State really surprised the Longhorns last season. I wouldn't expect lightning to strike twice though.

See you guys tomorrow


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hump Day: Another Edition of the Loser's Rankings

So many potential losers I could mention this week. To be honest, I don't know where to start. I think I know what I'm doing, but then again, it could be the Pepsi talking

10. New Orleans Saints- This is one that I wish I didn't have to do. But they do make the list at #10. They're 0-3 and they lost running back Deuce McAllister for the season. They have Carolina this week, I fear that they could go 0-4 and move up from 10.

9. Arizona Cardinals- Did anybody really see this coming? They have issues at quarterback. Who should they start, the pretty boy from USC, or the slow old guy who takes too long to throw?

8. Minnesota Vikings- They stink and they have quarterback issues. At least they have Adrian Peterson.

7. Buffalo Bills- They are an 0-3 team and they've lost quarterback JP Losman for a couple of weeks. This team just can't get things done. They'll be lucky to win 6 games.

6. Kansas City Chiefs- They defeated the Vikings, but they still don't look good.

5. San Diego Chargers- I've been salavating at the opportunity to keep the Chargers on the list. Now, they face the Chiefs next week. The Loser moves even further into the top five.

4. Cincinnati Bengals- They gave up only 24 points this time, but they lost. This team can score, but they can't stop scoring. Now they get to play New England on Monday Night.

3. St. Louis Rams- They're 0-3 and they don't have running back Stephen Jackson for a while. This just doesn't look good.

2. Cleveland Browns- Allow me to taunt all Browns fans with this highlight.

1. Chicago Bears- 11 points a game in the first three games. They've benched their quarterback, according to reports. They can't run, they can't pass and they couldn't stop Terrell Owens on Sunday night. It's easy to blame it all on Rex Grossman, but let's face it, this team does not look good.



Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday's with Romo: REGGIE!!!!!!!

What is up with the New Orleans Saints, they seem to be falling on hard times. Quarterback Drew Brees is struggling. He threw four interceptions last night.

The Tennessee Titans defeated the Saints, 31-14. Saints running back Reggie Bush led the team in rushing yards, with 15. Deuce McAllister rushed for five yards on four carries, plus he's out for the year. This team cannot run and the passing game is suffering the consequences.

Brees threw four interceptions, three of them to Titans linebacker, Keith Bulluck. Meanwhile, Titans quarterback Vince Young did an excellent job managing the game. He's proven that you don't need to throw for 300 yards to win the game. Young threw for 164 yards on 14 completions. He's maturing nicely.

Player of the Game: Keith Bulluck

See you guys later


Monday, September 24, 2007

The Monday's: Never Trust a Quarterback That Can't Grow a Beard

Well after last night's tirade, it's time for us to move on and talk about the rest of the NFL.

It's the right thing to do.

  • Green Bay Packers defeat the San Diego Chargers, 31-24- Brett Favre is unstoppable. Is he even human anymore? I hate to say this, but *GULP* the Packers might win the NFC North.
  • Indianapolis Colts defeated Houston Texans, 30-24- Imagine if the Texans had Andre Johnson to work with, oh how things would be better.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers blew out the St. Louis Rams, 24-3- Jeff Garcia is certainly bringing the heat to the Bucs. Everything looks peachy in Tampa.
  • Carolina Panthers defeated the Atlanta Falcons, 27-20- Another great start for the Panthers, maybe they make the playoffs.
  • Both the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles both won on Sunday. I am looking forward to next Sunday night, it should be a great game.
  • Monday Night Pick: Tennessee Titans over New Orleans Saints.

See ya


I Should Change This Blog to Oh No Grossman!

I am basically at a loss of words right now. What could I possibly be talking about?

Well what's the top story that might as well have me *p*ss*d off*

The Dallas Cowboys destroy the Chicago Bears, 34-10: Some people might say it was close. If I knew it would have been this bad, I would have changed the channel. I'm glad Tony Romo did great, but my heart is in Chicago. Words cannot describe what I am feeling right now, not even curse words.

Anybody who wants to defend Rex Grossman, may go right ahead. I'm off of his wagon, though. Anybody who wants to question my heart, go right ahead. I don't care what you think of me. Anybody that wants to call me a disgrace to my former city, be my guest. Bring it!

I had faith in Rex Grossman, like I had faith in Chad Hutchinson or Jonathan Quinn, Jim Miller, Shane Matthews and yes, Cade McNown. I had faith in all of them, but each one let me down and others. This team, more importantly this quarterback have disappointed me.

I'll finish my point. I have lost all faith in Grossman. Nobody can change my mind. Al Gore couldn't change my mind about Grossman. I'll still root for the Bears, but I won't let myself be bothered by the performance of not only Grossman, but the rest of the Bears team.

That is all I want to say.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

College Football Update: Liddell Loses, GASP!!!!!

What an incredible night it was for the UFC. Liddell and Shogun lose, Forrest Griffin and Keith Jardine win. I am at a loss for words.

But we have a recap of college football to do.
  • USC destroys Washington, 47-14- Another dominating win for USC.
  • Kentucky defeats Arkansas, 42-29- Kentucky seems like the real deal to me. I could see them in the SEC Title game. What about you guys?
  • Wisconsin holds off Iowa, 17-13- Once again, to all the doubters who said Iowa would lose, take that!
  • Georgia defeated Alabama, 26-23- I can't believe Shogun lost. It stings a lot.

Now for the rest of the day.

  • South Florida defeated North Carolina, 37-10- USF is on fire. They get West Virginia next week.
  • Syracuse defeats Louisville, 38-35- Louisville has lost two straight, just like Chuck Liddell (I'm good with these tie-ins).
  • LSU beat South Carolina- LSU definitely a top team in country.
  • Notre Dame loses to Michigan State, 31-14- Notre Dame is 0-4, South Bend said to be going insane. No smiley faces for Notre Dame fans. :(

That's all folks


Saturday, September 22, 2007

College Football Update: Hey UFC is Tonight

Another interesting afternoon of college football has come and left us standing at the door.

Where to start, where to start? I'll recap as much as I can, since the UFC isn't for another couple of hours.

  • LSU defeats South Carolina, 28-16- It's a win-win for me. Not only did LSU win, but they didn't cover the spread in my Yahoo College Pick Em' League. Excellent work on my part.

  • Nebraska holds off Ball State, 41-40- Huge props to Ball State, the college that my cousin went to when he was younger. It's great to see that they kept up with the Cornhuskers.

  • UPSET ALERT: Louisville loses to Syracuse, 38-35- There's nothing like giving Big East props to the Syracuse Orangemen for their amazing upset over one of the better teams in the conference (Well they were better, I guess not).

  • ANOTHER UPSET ALERT: Penn State loses to Michigan, 14-9. You know, the Wolverines are 1-0 in the Big Ten, the possibility of winning the conference title is not out of the realm of possibility.

That's all I have for now, I'll try to do a final recap later tonight.

See ya


Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Brief's: Never Wear a Wired Battery to the Airport

It's time to pick some football games. Last weekend was one of my better weekends. I went 4-1 for week two, which brings my record to 7-3. Let's see what magic I can pull out of my hat.
  • San Francisco 49ers over Pittsburgh Steelers- This game will feature a lot more running than a track meet.
  • Philadelphia Eagles over Detroit Lions- If Donovan McNabb doesn't win, he will surely be booed. I don't see them losing to the Lions though.
  • Green Bay Packers over San Diego Chargers- Shhh you hear that? That's the sound of another 35 yard rushing game for LT.
  • Carolina Panthers over Atlanta Falcons- Somebody needs to step into the front of the NFC South and since Joey Harrington is starting for Atlanta, you know the rest.
  • Washington Redskins over New York Giants- The Over/Under for Tom Coughlin getting fired is Week 10 at home against the Dallas Cowboys.

As you will notice, I have not picked the winner of the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears. I've done so because of a conflict of interest. So take that.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday's: Somebody's Burning Up

It's time for another weekend of picking college football games. I am on a hot streak, winning 12 of 15 games this season. Maybe I can go 5-0 this week.
  • Penn State over Michigan- This one seems like a bit of a stretch. But if Penn State can beat Michigan at the Big House, they certainly are one of the top teams in the Big-10, if not the country.
  • Wisconsin over Iowa- Take that Kirk Ferentz!!!
  • Georgia over Alabama- Nothing further
  • LSU over South Carolina- Take that Spurrier!
  • Kentucky over Arkansas- Kentucky has been a great story so far and a win over Arkansas puts them in the SEC picture.

See ya


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hump Day: The Loser Rankings

It's week two and boy do we have plenty of losers.

Let the countdown and total fun-ness (I made that word up) begin.

10. Philadelphia Eagles- Forget about the Donovan McNabb comments for a minute here. This team has one star and his name is McNabb. They have Westbrook, but they worry about injuries with him. POP QUIZ: Name a wide receiver on the Eagles? Regardless, I still believe they can win the NFC East.

9. New Orleans Saints- They're 0-2. What happened? I picked them in my Survival Football pool and here they go losing, to the Buccaneers.

8. St. Louis Rams- They're 0-2 and making my pick for them to win the Wild Card, look really stupid.

7. Oakland Raiders- Ohhhh the agony of losing to the Denver Broncos in overtime. It's unfortunate to the Raiders that it went down that way.

6. Kansas City Chiefs- Not looking good for the Chiefs right now

5. San Diego Chargers- No cameras and you still lost. I need a reason to believe that they're going to win the division. How will they do it, if LT averages 1.9 yards per carry and one rushing touchdown (Only through two games, but he had three touchdowns and a 4.04 yards per carry).

4. Atlanta Falcons- Welcome aboard Mr Leftwich. We hope you fare better than this guy (Before he entered the pros).

3. Cincinnati Bengals Defense- 50 points to the Cleveland Browns.....and you call yourself an AFC North team.

2. Rex Grossman- 32 for 57, 305 yards. It's not out of the realm of possibility. But to put up that total in two games, that's like me shooting a 60 on the front nine. I'm not sure how much more of Grossman I can take.

1. The AFC East (Minus the New England Patriots)- The Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills and New York Jets are a combined 0-6 to start the season. Meanwhile, the Patriots are 2-0. Good news is on the way though. The Dolphins and the Jets play this week, while the Bills play the Patriots. At least we know one of those three will win.



Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday's with Romo: It's Not Sunny in Philadelphia

Monday Night Recap: The Washington Redskins defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 20-12

The Redskins are 2-0. The Eagles are 0-2. Which story is bigger?

  • Here's something shocking, the Eagles never scored a touchdown at all. Donovan McNabb threw the ball 46 times. They should run.
  • Eagles running back Brian Westbrook had a solid game.
  • The Redskins are 2-0....GASP
  • Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell threw a touchdown to tight end Chris 'Hot Pants' Cooley.
  • I could make a Campbell's soup joke, but I decided against it.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Monday's: Matt Schaub Rules

Oh the excitement of week two in the NFL. The Plethora of storylines should keep you guys satisfied.

Here are the storylines from Week 2.

  • Houston Texans defeated the Carolina Panthers, 34-21- How about Matt Schaub, two touchdown passes and 228 yards passing. How about Andre Johnson, seven catches, 120 yards and two touchdowns. This team might surprise a lot of people come playoff time. Their next test will come against Indy at home, do I smell an upset?

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the New Orleans Saints, 31-14- The Saints knocked me out of a Survival Pool. Thanks guys.

  • Arizona Cardinals defeated the Seattle Seahawks, 23-20- This is a joke, right?

  • Green Bay Packers destroyed the New York Giants, 35-14- I'm not a Brett Favre fan or a Packers fan, but Favre is certainly a winner.

  • ROMO ALERT: Tony Romo threw for 186 yards and two touchdowns in a 37-20 victory over the Miami Dolphins.

  • Monday Night Pick: Washington Redskins over Philadelphia Eagles.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

College Football Update: Total Pwnage for Men of Troy

Another great week of college football has come and gone. So many storylines happened today. We could talk about anything at this point.

First, we will do a recap of tonight's events:
  • USC defeated Nebraska, 49-31- It was close early on for both sides and it looked like the Cornhuskers would keep it close. But the Trojans started to pull away for good and on their way to a 2-0 record. USC certainly proved that they are the no.-1 team in the country. The battle in Lincoln great test for the Trojans.
  • Alabama wins a close one over Arkansas, 41-38- Bama quarterback John Parker Wilson threw for 328 yards and four touchdown passes. Arkansas running back Darren McFadden ran for 199 yards and two touchdowns.
  • Boston College defeated Georgia Tech, 24-10- BC quarterback Matt Ryan had a career day, throwing for 435 yards. BC has a chance to run the table in the ACC and maybe make it to the conference title game.

    Now for a quick recap of the rest of the day:
  • Michigan shut out Notre Dame, 38-0- Uhh, no comment.
  • Iowa State defeated Iowa, 15-13- Great game with an exciting finish.
  • Illinois defeated Syracuse, 41-20- HOORAY JUICE!!!!

Well that's all I have



Saturday, September 15, 2007

College Football Update: Charlie Weis Wants to Go To Northern Illinois Too

Wow, what another great day to watch some college football. So much to discuss. I wish i knew where to start.

We'll cover both early games and the afternoon games.
  • Iowa State Cyclones defeated the Iowa Hawkeyes, 15-12- People gave me crap about picking the Cyclones over the Hawkeyes? I don't remember who they were, but all I can say is, TAKE THAT!!!!
  • Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the Washington Huskies, 33-14.- The Buckeyes destroyed all hopes of a possible upset in the Northwest.
  • Michigan Wolverwines shut out the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, 38-0.- Charlie Weis is not having a fun time in South Bend. This isn't so much about Michigan winning, as it is about Notre Dame losing.

    Notre Dame is 0-3 under Charlie Weis. This team is lost. Somebody needs a hug. Not only that, but Irish quarterback Demetrius Jones has left Notre Dame and gone to Northern Illinois (sweet). I knew Jimmy Clausen wasn't going to be great, but I never expected the Fighting Irish to not have an offensive touchdown.
  • Florida Gators destroy Tennessee Volunteers, 59-20.- SNAP MAN!!!!!

I'll be back later, in the mean time, enjoy the wonderful music of the Oakland Raiders.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Briefs: NFL Picks

It's finally Friday, wooo what a looonnnggg week. I only have two more classes and BOOM, it's the weekend.

I went 3-2 last weekend, it could have been better (Damn you Grossman). But let's bring it up a notch.
  1. Tennessee Titans over Indianapolis Colts- If this Vince Young highlight video does not convince you otherwise, well than poopoo on you.
  2. San Francisco 49ers over St. Louis Rams- What, the Rams don't have Orlando Pace. This spells trouble for Stephen Jackson.
  3. Baltimore Ravens over New York Jets- If they don't get turnover crazy, the Ravens should have a field day with Kellen Clemens, or Chad Pennington if he plays.
  4. New England Patriots over San Diego Chargers- Cheaters or not, they're still a better team than the Chargers.
  5. Chicago Bears over Kansas City Chiefs- HOT JUICY BURGER!!!

Have a great weekend, I'll be around for the college football update.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday's: Oh No, Not Again

I'm off to a hot start so far in picking college football games this season. I have won eight games and lost twice. I hope this hot start stays hot.
  1. Michigan over Notre Dame- Somebody's going to win their first game and somebody's going 0-3. Michigan looks like the better team in this game.
  2. Boston College over Georgia Tech- Let this kickass video explain my reasoning.
  3. Florida over Tennessee- Again, video for the reason.
  4. Iowa State over Iowa- TAKE THAT Kirk Ferentz!!!!
  5. Nebraska over USC- No love for the Cornhuskers, that's okay. I'll give them that love.

See ya tomorrow


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hump Day: The Loser Rankings

We all see these so-called "NFL Power Rankings," where these so-called "experts," rank the 32 teams from best to worst. But who is the best at being the worst? Oh No Romo intends on finding out. So here are the Top Ten Loser Rankings. *Cue cheesy music*

10. Miami Dolphins- A team with Trent Green that lost to the Washington Redskins, in overtime. They could have lost the game as time expired in the fourth quarter if Santana Moss had made it in the endzone. Sorry Cam, but your team is no.-10.

9. Jacksonville Jaguars- They lost to the Tennessee Titans and they decided to get rid of quarterback Byron Leftwich. But on the bright side, they still have sharp dresser, Jack Del Rio.

8. Arizona Cardinals- No comment.

7. Baltimore Ravens- Six turnovers is unacceptable. You have a terrific defense, but a terrible offense, that might have worked in 2000, but not in 2007.

6. Kansas City Chiefs- They lost to the Houston Texans, 20-3. The Texans just looked better out there. Larry Johnson didn't bring it and Damon Huard struggled greatly. Now they get to go on the road to Chicago, who only allowed LT to run for 25 yards. Yikes!

5. Cleveland Browns- Still can't decide on a quarterback?

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Team issues like wide receiver David Boston testing positive for GHB during his DUI arrest and tight end Jerramy Stevens being found guilty. Plus they looked bad against the Seahawks.

3. Oakland Raiders- They lost to the Detroit Lions and they signed JaMarcus Russell, this week. They're lucky to be in the third spot.

2. New York Giants- They need some healing power.

1. New England Patriots- Yes they did win. But they got caught cheating. I'm not saying it's ok to cheat, but if you get caught you can't be that great at cheating. Remember kids, cheaters never prosper, unless you play for the Patriots

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday's with Romo: Ocheinta y Cinco Comes Out on Top

Happy Tuesday everybody. Let's do a quick recap of last night's games.
  • The Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Baltimore Ravens, 27-20. The game featured plenty of injured players. The Ravens saw quarterback Steve McNair, linebacker Ray Lewis and offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden all went down with injuries. On the Bengals side, kicker Shayne Graham and offensive linemen Levi Jones and Willie Anderson were all injured.
  • Ocheinta y cinco a hall-of-famer?: Is Chad Johnson worthy of wearing that hall-of-fame jacket? Well he certainly had a great game last night. He caught five passes for 95 yards and one touchdown. Who knows if he's bound for Canton or not?
  • The San Francisco 49ers won against the Arizona Cardinals, 20-17. Defenses everywhere would be proud of both teams performances. Neither team blew the other away. Ultimately, it came down to a one-yard touchdown run by 49ers wide receiver,Arnaz Battle, with 22 seconds left in the game.



Monday, September 10, 2007

Special Report: Kevin Everett Injury Update

I mentioned earlier today that Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett sustained a serious spinal cord injury on a kickoff return in yesterday's home opener against the Denver Broncos.

According to doctors, Everett might never walk again.

"A best case scenario is full recovery, but not likely," orthropedic surgeon Andrew Cappucino said, "I believe there will be some permeanent neurological deficit."

Everett's injuries are still being considered life-threatening.

This is no doubt a terrible story. It hurts the soul to see a young, promising player suffer such a crippling injury. It does not matter who you root for, or even if you are a football fan, this is truly tragic for all.

To honor Everett, we will leave his picture on the site for the rest of the week and well into the weekend.

If you wish to send your wishes and prayers to Everett, please click here.

Send all your cards and letters to:

Attn: Kevin Everett
One Bills Drive
Orchard Park, NY 14127

Thank you


The Monday's: Tom Brady's Been Playing Madden Again

What an exciting NFL Sunday it was. It wasn't all that exciting for my picks though, I went 3-2. Sure some people might accept that , but I refuse to lose. On with my points from yesterday's games.
  • New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is certainly having fun with his new offensive weapons. His new three new wide receivers combined for 263 yards. Randy Moss led the team with 183 yards and one touchdown.

    New York Jet fans were cheering Kellen Clemons as he came into the game, replacing injured Chad Pennington. What is up with that?

    How about that Ellis Hobbs, 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown, longest in NFL History. Big props to Hobbs!
  • The Chicago Bears lost to the San Diego Chargers 14-3. I am disappointed. They held LaDainian Tomlinson to 25 yards on the ground. The Bears offense needs to improve, or heads will roll.
  • A big congratulations goes out to Houston Texans defensive end, Mario Williams, scoring his first touchdown on a fumble recovery. Way to go man. By the way, the Texans defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 20-3.
  • Condolensces go out to Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett, who is recovering from surgery this morning after a helmut-to-helmut collison left him unconscious. Hopefully, it is nothing serious, but definitely keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
  • ROMO ALERT: Tony Romo shined on Sunday Night (is Football Night), throwing for 345 yards and four touchdowns. The Cowboys won the game 45-35. It was definitely a great way to end a great Sunday.
  • Monday Night Picks: I'm picking the Baltimore Ravens over the Cincinnati Bengals and the San Francisco 49ers over the Arizona Cardinals.

I'll have a Monday Night recap tomorrow. Until then....



Sunday, September 9, 2007

College Football Update: Notre Dame and Michigan 0-2 (SNAP)

Another interesting Saturday has come and gone (HAMILL SHOULD HAVE WON!!!). Let's look at how the evening went.
  • Penn State defeats Notre Dame 31-10. Jimmy Clausen makes his first start and it was quiet. He threw for only 145 yards and one interception. The Irish only had 146 total net yards.
  • Texas defeats TCU 34-13. McCoy threw for 239 yards and one touchdown pass.
  • LSU dominates Virginia Tech, 48-7.

Here's a recap for the rest of the day.

  • Oregon defeated Michigan, 38-7.
  • Nebraska defeated Wake Forest, 20-17
  • West Virginia defeated Marshall, 48-23.

Once again, I had another terrific week picking college games. I went 4-1, the lone loss being Miami losing (I'll think twice next time)

Take care guys, enjoy the weekend


Saturday, September 8, 2007

College Football Update: Big Blue's Feeling Blue

I can't help but feel sorry for the students in Ann Arbor. I can understand their frustration.
  • Oregon defeated Michigan 39-7. Things were looking okay for the Wolverines, they struck first. However, the Oregon Ducks took the lead and never looked back. Michigan made it into the redzone many times, but only scored seven points. To make matters worse, Michigan QB Chad Henne left the game with a lower leg injury.

  • Washington upset Boise State, 24-10. The loss ended Boise State's 14-game winning streak, the longest in Division I.
  • Georgia Tech 69, Samford 14

That's all I have for now, keep it tuned here to Oh No Romo! as I do a full recap of the day's events and tonight's games.



College Football Update

The early afternoon games are over and done with, let's do a quick recap.
  • Oklahoma destroys Miami (Fla.), 51-13. I thought Miami had a shot, but it wasn't even close. One thing is for sure, Oklahoma looks like a real deal. The Sooners have a chance to start the season 4-0, maybe even 5-0.
  • Nebraska defeats Wake Forest in a close one, 20-17. Nebraska RB Marlon Lucky had a great game, rushing for 90 yards and the go-ahead touchdown. Cornhuskers QB Sam Keller had a good game also, throwing for 259 yards and one touchdown.
  • West Virginia survives an early scare and defeats Marshall, 48-23. Marshall stuck with the Mountaineers as far as the third quarter, but Heisman candidates Pat White and Steve Slaton led their team to victory.

I'll be back later,


Friday, September 7, 2007

Friday Briefs Part 3: The NFL Picks

Greetings, it's the final part of the trifecta of picks (thank god).

I will be picking NFL games this year, but I will be competing against The HCIC (Head Chick in Charge) at the Leave the Man Alone blog. Really it's just a friendly competition for bragging rights. Hopefully I'll win. On with the picks.

  1. Tennessee over Jacksonville- Vince Young will have a big game

  2. Detroit over Oakland- You laugh but hey, it's a battle of two teams that aren't that great

  3. St. Louis over Carolina- The Rams start out strong against the Panthers

  4. Chicago over San Diego- I'm biased
  5. Dallas over New York Giants- Romo explodes for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns

Friday Briefs part 2: College Football Picks

It's time to pick some college football games for Saturday. I went 4-1 last week, so let's try to keep this good start going.
  1. LSU over Virginia Tech- LSU just looks like a far better team, but expect it to be a close one.
  2. Penn State over Notre Dame- Jimmy Clausen to make first start, before Evan Sharpley and Demetrius Jones come in.
  3. Oregon over Michigan- Enough said
  4. Miami over Oklahoma- This is a bold choice, but I think Miami will surprise a lot of people this year.
  5. Texas over TCU- Texas needs to win in dominating fashion. The Red River Shootout is coming up and the Longhorns need to be ready.

I'll be back in the afternoon for my NFL picks


Friday Briefs Pt. 1: UFC Picks

Happy Friday everybody. Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was in Bettendorf, Iowa yesterday, for a good part of the day, but hey I'm back now.

Friday briefs will be a three part set. The first part are my picks for UFC 75, which will take place tomorrow night in London, England.

I'll keep them short and simple.

  • Dan Henderson over Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson- Henderson, the Pride FC champion, looks to shock the world again and beat Jackson. If he can beat Wanderlei Silva, anything is possible.

  • Mirko Cro Cop over Cheick Kongo- For Cro Cop, it's an opportunity to get back into the title picture and a possible rematch with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

  • Michael Bisping over Matt Hamill- Bisping, the Ultimate Fighter season three winner, will have the fans in London roaring.

I'll be back later with my football picks.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hump Day Pt. 2: The New England Patriots

Whoa whoa hold on, there's a NEW England?

We've reached the final team in our month long plus preview of the 2007 NFL season. I must say, it's been fun writing these previews up. Don't worry though, there will be plenty of Football coverage, both Pro's and College, this season.

The Patriots finished the 2006 season at the top of the AFC East, going 12-4. After defeating the New York Jets in the Wild Card round and upsetting the San Diego Chargers in the Divisional round, the Patriots lost to the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Title game.

Feeling a need to add to the defense, the Patriots picked up University of Miami CB Brandon Meriweather, in the 2007 NFL Draft.

The Patriots have their first test on the road as they take on Mangini and the Jets. The Pats also face the Cowboys on the road and the Colts. At home, the Patriots play the Chargers and the Eagles.

One last time (for now) burnin yearbook style questions (First four devoted to Mr. Brady):
  1. Most likely to be a guest on 'The View': Tom Brady
  2. Number of Brady-Giselle pictures during the regular season: 45
  3. Future of Tom Brady's kid: Quarterback at Boston College and that's about it
  4. Yards Brady will pass for this season: 4,079 (And 22 touchdown passes)
  5. Yards Laurence Maroney will rush for this season: 1,111
  6. Leading receiver for the Patriots: Randy the hell knows?
  7. 'Kiss' song that best describes the team: 'Got Love for Sale'
  8. In 2007, the Patriots will: Win the AFC East

Now I need to come up with new ideas.


Hump Day Pt. 1: The Miami Dolphins

We're going to finish up today with the final two teams in the AFC East. First up, the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins finished the regular season in last place in the AFC East, going 6-10. In the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft, the Dolphins drafted Ohio State WR, Ted Ginn.

They open up the regular season on the road against the Washington Redskins. They'll also face the Steelers, the Eagles and the Browns on the road. At home, the Dolphins will face the Ravens, the Bengals and the Raiders.

Here are those burnin yearbook style questions:
  1. Trent Green will: Continue to get old and will struggle

  2. Likely successor to be Dolphins quarterback: John Beck (Not Brady Quinn, smooth one guys)

  3. Most likely to run for 1,000 yards before getting hurt: Ronnie Brown

  4. No Wes Welker means: Less passing yards for Green

  5. Most likely to get traded: Chris Chambers

  6. Cam Cameron: Is not at San Diego, anymore

  7. 'Kiss' song that best describes the team: 'I'm in need of Love'

  8. In 2007, the Dolphins will: Finish in last place.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tuesday's with Romo: The New York Jets

We've come down with the J-E-T-S.....JETS.....JETS.....JETS....fever here at Oh No Romo! So, let's do a preview on the Jets.

The Jets finished the season 10-6, clinching a Wild Card spot. They lost to the New England Patriots in the Wild Card Round.

In the 2007 NFL Draft, the Jets selected Pittsburgh CB Darrelle Revis in the first round. They open up the regular season at home against the same team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year, the Patriots.

The Jets will also face the Redskins, the Eagles and the Browns at home. On the road, they'll face the Giants (which could be considered a home game), the Bengals and the Cowboys on Thanksgiving.

Time for those burnin yearbook style questions:
  1. Tricks that "The Amazing Mangini" will pull off: Beating the Patriots twice
  2. Most likely to run for 1,000 yards: Thomas Jones- I miss him :(
  3. Leading receiver for 2007: Laveraneus Coles
  4. Who wins the New York vs New York game: New York (Duh)
  5. Coolest names on the team (Top three): 1. Jerricho Cotchery 2. D'Brickashaw Ferguson 3. Mike Nugent Honorable Mention: Kimo von Oelhoffen
  6. New nickname for Mangini: Mr. Mangini and the Amazing Jets
  7. Chad Pennington will: Throw for 3,500 yards and 25 touchdowns
  8. 'Kiss' song that best describes the team: New York Groove
  9. In 2007, the Jets will: Finish 10-6, winning the Wild Card

I'll have a doubleheader tomorrow to finish out the previews


Monday, September 3, 2007

The Monday's Part II: The Buffalo Bills

It's part two of The Monday's edition, here at Oh No Romo! I realized that I did a Chargers preview earlier this month. Therefore, we move on to the final division of our NFL Preview Show Extravaganza, the AFC East.

The Bills finished the 2006 season 7-9, third place in the ever competitive AFC East. To replace former RB Willis McGahee, the Bills drafted California RB Marshawn Lynch, in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft. In this year's draft, they also picked up Penn State LB Paul Pozluzny and Stanford QB Trent Edwards.

The Bills open up at home against the Denver Broncos. They have home games against the Cowboys, the Giants and the Ravens (A must watch game for sure). On the road, the Bills will face the Redskins, the Jaguars and the Steelers.

Time for the hottest hit of the summer, the burnin yearbook style questions:
  1. Things to do in Buffalo: Eat at restaurants, go to the Albright-Knox Gallery, party at bars/clubs until 4 A.M. (And to think, McGahee stayed home)
  2. JP Losman is: Due for a breakout year
  3. Leading rusher this season: Anthony Thomas
  4. Most likely to be booed the harshest at Ralph Wilson Stadium: Willis McGahee (Note: Refer to home game schedule, above)
  5. Leading receiver: Lee Evans
  6. Bills defense: Will miss Nate Clements (So will the Special Teams)
  7. 'Kiss' song that best describes the team: 'Mr. Make You Believe'
  8. In 2007, the Bills will: Go 8-8, finishing in third place in the AFC East

See you guys tomorrow


The Monday's Part 1: The Oakland Raiders

Happy Monday, everybody. We're almost done with the preview's of 32 NFL teams. Today we'll profile the final team in the AFC West. This morning, we have the Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders finished the 2006 season in dead last in the NFL, winning only two games. With their first pick, they drafted LSU QB JaMarcus Russell, in the 2007 NFL Draft. Russell remains unsigned and did not report to Raiders camp.

The Raiders open up the regular season at home, as they face the bottom-dwellers of the NFC North, the Detroit Lions. At home, they'll also face the Cleveland Browns, the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts.

On the road, the Raiders will face the Tennessee Titans, the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings.

Time for those burnin yearbook style questions:
  1. Most likely to start at QB for Raiders this year: Josh McCown
  2. Will JaMarcus Russell sign this season: Probably
  3. Will he ever sign: Yes
  4. Leading rusher for Raiders this year: Justin Fargas (Huggy Bear's son due for a great year)
  5. Raiders defense: Will have a field day with Rivers, Cutler and Huard
  6. Defense will struggle against: Tomlinson, Johnson and whoever the hell is running the football for the Broncos
  7. 'Kiss' song that best describes the team: 'Goin Blind'
  8. In 2007, the Raiders will go: 6-10

I'll be back later with a team from the AFC East.


Sunday, September 2, 2007

College Football Update: A Review of the Day

With the exception of a few games, most of this opening Saturday of College Football is over. On with an overview of the evening games.
  • California came out on top over Tennessee 45-31. Both quarterbacks had outstanding games. Cal QB Nate Longshore threw for 240 yards, 19 completions and two touchdowns. While Tennessee QB Erik Ainge threw for 270 yards, 32 completions and three touchdowns.
  • Texas defeated Arkansas State in a close one, 21-13. Longhorns QB Colt McCoy threw for 224 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions.
  • Auburn scored two touchdowns late in the game to defeat Kansas State, 23-13.

  • Virginia Tech defeats East Carolina 17-7, in first game since the tragic shootings in April.
  • Appalachian State upsets no.-5 ranked Michigan, 34-32.
  • Georgia Tech defeats Notre Dame, 33-3. All three quarterbacks on the Fighting Irish sideline played in that game.

That's it for the first edition of the College Football Update.

See ya Monday


Saturday, September 1, 2007

College Football Update: Weis Indecisive

Michigan loses to AP State and all the sudden, the world starts calling for his head. They still have a chance to go 11-1. Anyway, here's the update
  • Notre Dame lost to Georgia Tech 33-3. It wasn't even close. What bothered me more was the fact that all three of Charlie Weis' quarterbacks played. Demetrius Jones started, then came Evan Sharpley and finally Jimmy Clausen came in. Hopefully we will see one starter next week, instead of a quarterback-by-committtee
  • Iowa got their first win, defeating Northern Illinois, 16-3
  • UCLA destroyed Stanford 45-17
  • Illinois fell short against Missouri, 40-34. Bigger story, Juice Williams got knocked out of the game. Hopefully, he's ok.
  • Boston College won against Wake Forest 38-28

I'll have a full recap of the days events as well as tonight, a little later.



College Football Update

The early games are mostly over, let's recap some of the key early games.
  • Appalachian State, the team that won the National Championship in back to back years (In Division I-AA, or whatever they call it now), has upset the no.-5 ranked Michigan Wolverines 34-32.

    Wow, what a game. Appalachian State had the lead for most of the game, but a touchdown by Mike Hart gave the Wolverines the lead with less than five minutes left in the game.

    AP State kicker Julian Rauch gave the team the lead with a 41-yard field goal with 30 seconds left.

    AP State blocked a game winning field goal by Michigan Kicker Jason Gingell and time expired. That was Gingell's second miss of the game.

    Even if Big Blue had won, this was still a demoralizing game for the Wolverines. But give credit where credit is due, Appalachian State brought their A-game today.

    It's not every day that a Division I-AA team can walk into "The Big House" and beat the Michigan Wolverines. Great job guys
  • A congratulations goes out to the Virginia Tech Hokies, who defeated Eastern Carolina University, 17-7. It was an important win, even though the Hokies struggled at times and were down 7-3, into the second quarter. A Victor Harris interception, late in the first half, put the Hokies in the lead for good.
  • Congratulations to Randy Shannon, for getting his first win as coach at the University of Miami. The Hurricanes defeated Marshall 37-3.

I'll be back with more updates later.

See ya