Saturday, September 29, 2007

College Football Update: Another One Bites the Dust

Happy College Football Saturday Day!!!! Yes I did make that up. Deal with it.

Once again, it's been another exciting Saturday of college football, let's get going on a recap of the day. I think we can call this the day of upsets. We saw some ranked teams lose today, who came out a loser.

  • Illinois upsets Penn State, 27-20- The Illini are off to a great start. They're 4-1 overall (2-0 in the conference). The last time the Illini had that good of a start, it was 2001, Ron Turner was coach and Kurt Kittner was quarterback. They seem to be on to something good in Champaign.
  • Colorado edges Oklahoma, 27-24- People in Norman must be feeling blue. Great win for Colorado today.
  • Kansas State destroys Texas, 41-21- It was inevitable for the Longhorns. My Heisman pick, Colt McCoy, does not look like a Heisman candidate.
  • Wisconsin holds off Michigan State, 37-34- Wisconsin holds on at home. But how will they do on the road next week against the hot Illini.
  • California defeats Oregon, 31-24- Great now I'm 2-2 in my picks. I need Florida to win tonight.

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