Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hump Day: The Loser Rankings

It's week two and boy do we have plenty of losers.

Let the countdown and total fun-ness (I made that word up) begin.

10. Philadelphia Eagles- Forget about the Donovan McNabb comments for a minute here. This team has one star and his name is McNabb. They have Westbrook, but they worry about injuries with him. POP QUIZ: Name a wide receiver on the Eagles? Regardless, I still believe they can win the NFC East.

9. New Orleans Saints- They're 0-2. What happened? I picked them in my Survival Football pool and here they go losing, to the Buccaneers.

8. St. Louis Rams- They're 0-2 and making my pick for them to win the Wild Card, look really stupid.

7. Oakland Raiders- Ohhhh the agony of losing to the Denver Broncos in overtime. It's unfortunate to the Raiders that it went down that way.

6. Kansas City Chiefs- Not looking good for the Chiefs right now

5. San Diego Chargers- No cameras and you still lost. I need a reason to believe that they're going to win the division. How will they do it, if LT averages 1.9 yards per carry and one rushing touchdown (Only through two games, but he had three touchdowns and a 4.04 yards per carry).

4. Atlanta Falcons- Welcome aboard Mr Leftwich. We hope you fare better than this guy (Before he entered the pros).

3. Cincinnati Bengals Defense- 50 points to the Cleveland Browns.....and you call yourself an AFC North team.

2. Rex Grossman- 32 for 57, 305 yards. It's not out of the realm of possibility. But to put up that total in two games, that's like me shooting a 60 on the front nine. I'm not sure how much more of Grossman I can take.

1. The AFC East (Minus the New England Patriots)- The Miami Dolphins, Buffalo Bills and New York Jets are a combined 0-6 to start the season. Meanwhile, the Patriots are 2-0. Good news is on the way though. The Dolphins and the Jets play this week, while the Bills play the Patriots. At least we know one of those three will win.



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