Sunday, September 23, 2007

College Football Update: Liddell Loses, GASP!!!!!

What an incredible night it was for the UFC. Liddell and Shogun lose, Forrest Griffin and Keith Jardine win. I am at a loss for words.

But we have a recap of college football to do.
  • USC destroys Washington, 47-14- Another dominating win for USC.
  • Kentucky defeats Arkansas, 42-29- Kentucky seems like the real deal to me. I could see them in the SEC Title game. What about you guys?
  • Wisconsin holds off Iowa, 17-13- Once again, to all the doubters who said Iowa would lose, take that!
  • Georgia defeated Alabama, 26-23- I can't believe Shogun lost. It stings a lot.

Now for the rest of the day.

  • South Florida defeated North Carolina, 37-10- USF is on fire. They get West Virginia next week.
  • Syracuse defeats Louisville, 38-35- Louisville has lost two straight, just like Chuck Liddell (I'm good with these tie-ins).
  • LSU beat South Carolina- LSU definitely a top team in country.
  • Notre Dame loses to Michigan State, 31-14- Notre Dame is 0-4, South Bend said to be going insane. No smiley faces for Notre Dame fans. :(

That's all folks


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