Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday Brief's: Never Wear a Wired Battery to the Airport

It's time to pick some football games. Last weekend was one of my better weekends. I went 4-1 for week two, which brings my record to 7-3. Let's see what magic I can pull out of my hat.
  • San Francisco 49ers over Pittsburgh Steelers- This game will feature a lot more running than a track meet.
  • Philadelphia Eagles over Detroit Lions- If Donovan McNabb doesn't win, he will surely be booed. I don't see them losing to the Lions though.
  • Green Bay Packers over San Diego Chargers- Shhh you hear that? That's the sound of another 35 yard rushing game for LT.
  • Carolina Panthers over Atlanta Falcons- Somebody needs to step into the front of the NFC South and since Joey Harrington is starting for Atlanta, you know the rest.
  • Washington Redskins over New York Giants- The Over/Under for Tom Coughlin getting fired is Week 10 at home against the Dallas Cowboys.

As you will notice, I have not picked the winner of the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears. I've done so because of a conflict of interest. So take that.


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