Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Moving on after a tornado

I know I promised you folks a week off from my writing, but something came up and I want to write about it. There were multiple tornadoes reported all across the Northeastern part of Iowa. For the record, I am okay, the tornadoes that occurred on Sunday were nowhere near where I lived, but I did find a lot of debris in my family's yard. This is my only post of the week.

On May 25, it was a terribly humid Sunday. People in Iowa were out and about, celebrating Memorial Day weekend, attending graduations and graduation parties. However, the town of Parkersburg, Iowa suffered one of the worst tornadoes in the history of the state.

The small town of almost 2,000 residents experienced an EF5 tornado, which is considered the highest on the Enhanced Fujita scale. The tornado occurred shortly before 5 p.m.

The tornado caused serious damage throughout the town. When it was all said and done, five of the towns citizens were dead, more than 50 were injured and hundreds of homes were destroyed, forcing an entire town to evacuate from the places that they called home. Debris flew far away and went as far as Prairie Du Chen, Wisc.

The high school didn't get off that easily either.

Aplington-Parkersburg High School suffered serious damage. The tornado rendered the high school, virtually useless. The school will have to be torn down and could take years, as opposed to months, for it to be rebuilt.

The story of AP is significant in the sense that their football team is renowned for current NFL players that are on the sidelines. AP has turned out such stars as Kansas City Chiefs center Casey Wiegmann, Green Bay Packers defensive end Aaron Kampman, Detroit Lions defensive end Jared DeVries and Jacksonville Jaguars center Brad Meester.

All four players played under AP coach Ed Thomas, who has won 281 games in his 36 year coaching career, ninth all-time in Iowa High School football history.

Last season the Falcons, as they are known, went 8-2 on the season. They were knocked out in the first round of the 1A state tournament by Newman Catholic from Mason City. AP has multiple state championships with their last one coming in 2001.

At this point, it is unknown what will happen to AP. It is also unknown what will happen to its football team. The town is in complete disarray from the tornado. It's heartbreaking to see this kind of hardship on this small town.

At this point, football is secondary to everything else. On a smaller magnitude, Parkersburg experienced its own version of what New Orleans experienced during Hurricane Katrina. It's important for the town of Parkersburg to rebuild. Even though the memory will forever be etched in the heads of many folks, there will come a time when Parkersburg returns to its normal self.

Hopefully, the high school can be rebuilt and can be built better than before. AP can truly rise again.

If you're interested in lending a hand, please visit the Hawkeye Chapter of the American Red Cross. Just click on the link.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Briefs: The 'Where Will Jason Taylor Go' Game

It's Friday and I don't have to go to school......For a week. Woo, a whole week off from school, only to return for summer school (my choice). With that, I'll also be taking a week off from the blog, barring any huge story breaking in the next week. So for my last post before I head home for the week, I thought I'd play a little game.

With the recent situation surround Jason Taylor and the Miami Dolphins, I figured what the hey; I'll generate some scenarios for where Jason Taylor could end up, in case he is traded or released before June 1.


Kansas City Chiefs

This move makes a lot of sense for the Chiefs. They traded away Jared Allen to the Vikings and need to fill the spot. Could you imagine Tamba Hali and Jason Taylor lining up on the ends with Glenn Dorsey at the defensive tackle spot. I'm getting all tingly just thinking about it. If the Chiefs can pull it off, that would be the biggest acquisition of the off-season.

Washington Redskins

This might be a stretch, but Dan Snyder tried to get Chad Johnson, do not think for two minutes that Snyder won't wheel and deal to try and get Taylor.

New Orleans Saints

This move would make sense for the Saints. They don't have much depth. They also have a lot of salary cap room. Taylor would give a huge boost to a struggling defense. In 2007, Charles Grant and Will Smith combined for a total of 9.5 sacks. Taylor recorded 11 sacks in 2007. I'm not saying it would be enough, but it's better than before.

Carolina Panthers

With the recent retirement of Mike Rucker, the Panthers are pinning their hopes and dreams on Tyler Brayton, who didn't start a game for Oakland in 2007, but still played 16 games. Brayton recorded only nine tackles on the season. Taylor would be a complement to fellow end, Julius Peppers. Peppers recorded a career low, 2.5 sacks in 2007. If Taylor comes to Carolina, it will be one less problem for John Fox to deal with.

Seattle Seahawks

This team is a top ten defense in the NFL. Could you imagine seeing Jason Taylor wearing a Seahawks uniform? It's flabbergasting! This team is stacked with an excellent defense from line, to secondary. Taylor could send the Seahawks to South Florida, come February.

That's all I have for now. Enjoy your weekend and Memorial Day.

Oh No Romo

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hump Day: Slow news day, it's video time

Sure we could talk about the owners opting out of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, but I'm not the expert to turn to in regards to CBA's. I'll leave that to the fine folks at PFT. Keep up the good work guys!

In the mean time, I have some videos for you guys to enjoy today.

First one is Adrian Peterson

Now a retrospective look at the Arizona Cardinals 2007 season (From the Arizona Cardinals Football Club)

Joshua Cribbs Highlight Reel (From Orange and Brown Report)

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Mondays: It's all about the team

Happy Monday to all who seek one. Woo, this is the final week for the regular school year. I head home Friday. Then 10 days later, I'll be back for summer school. Don't worry though, I plan on keeping the updates going throughout the summer. Including m preview extravaganza.

Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork
- Interesting piece in Sunday's Baltimore Sun in regards to how things are going for the Ravens under new coach, John Harbaugh. The first year coach is laying out plans for improving the team, including improving the work ethic. I for one wish coach Harbaugh good luck. I think he's up for the challenge- Baltimore Sun

Johnson easing back in to Chiefs running back spot- The Chiefs are taking it easy on star running back Larry Johnson. Johnson is coming back from a broken foot that he injured at the midway point of the 2007 NFL season. The running back position is one that shouldn't be of much concern for the Chiefs. Kolby Smith stepped in and showed some signs of potential. The Chiefs have bigger issues they need to address, like the defense and the quarterback spot. Only time will tell if the Chiefs will have a good season or not- Kansas City Star

Jason Taylor the new Mr. Hollywood- Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor is becoming a Hollywood star in front of our very own eyes. He's partying it up with the celebrity elite, including wait for it....Denzel Washington! Taylor wants to take the Hollywood route, he's been taking acting classes as well. Hey Jason, if you're looking for a role, I might have a screenplay available for you-

Bills have lowest average price of tickets in the league- The Bills have the cheapest ticket prices in the NFL. The average is $46.26, $20 less than the league average. The Patriots are #1 in average ticket prices with $90.89- The Buffalo News

Pats start OTA today- Interesting find here by the Reiss' Pieces blog on the Boston Globe web site. The defending AFC champion New England Patriots begin passing camp today. According to the Globe, it's all apart of the OTAs or organized team activity, which takes place before training camp. These OTAs are optional for all players and are allowed by the NFL. Nothing really of note here, just need some filler- Boston Globe

Enjoy your Monday

Oh No Romo

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Briefs: Tony Romo's Greatest Hits

In light of Tony Romo singing the 7th Inning Stretch at a Cubs game last week, I've compiled a list of songs that Tony Romo might sing. They are known as Tony Romo's Greatest Hits. Before you rush to your telephone and call the 1-800 number on this screen, how about I introduce some of the songs.

You'll hear such songs as...

We Are The Champions (Of the Regular Season)

The TO Blues

Where Is My Second Receiver?

I Got Sacked (Again!)

I Got Sacked

How The Hell Did Eli Manning Get A Super Bowl Ring?

Don't Go Breaking My Heart (With Jessica Simpson)

Wade Phillips, Why Are You Still Here? (Country Song)

Tony Romo Dancefest 2008 (Techno Song with music video on second CD)

Oh No Romo Sucks!

And the latest #1 hit in the U.S.

Why is Ed Werder Following Me?

Order now and you'll get the CD, Noise of Silence...

Which includes these great hits...

I Wanna Yabba Dabba Do Ya

You Got Chocolate In My Peanut Butter

You Got Peanut Butter in my Chocolate

and that popular one.... I Get Wasted On O'Douls.

Order now...and most of all, enjoy your Friday

-Oh No Romo

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hump Day: The Apology and Closure

It's finally happened people, the Boston Herald apologized on Wednesday for a report they did earlier this year (before the Super Bowl) about the Patriots allegedly taping the walkthroughs of the St. Louis Rams before Super Bowl XXXVI.

Here's part of the apology. It's straight from the Herald:

"On Feb. 2, 2008, the Boston Herald reported that a member of the New England Patriots video staff taped the St. Louis Rams’ walkthrough on the day before Super Bowl XXXVI. While the Boston Herald based its Feb. 2, 2008, report on sources that it believed to be credible, we now know that this report was false, and that no tape of the walkthrough ever existed."

I'm going to leave it at this and just close the doors on this "gate."

Teams cheat, whether we want to admit it or not, they do. You can curl up into a ball in a closet and it still won't change the fact that some teams cheat (I've done that already).

I'm not going to go as far to say all teams cheat, but I can't sit here and just say that no teams cheat. It happens! The Patriots aren't the only ones who cheat. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk pointed that out on Sunday.

You can say what you want, but it can't change the past. The Patriots did get caught doing this and they were dealt a punishment. Whether that punishment was fair or not is a different story, but they were punished. They lost their first round pick (even though they got the 49ers pick).

What about the Boston Herald? What should be their fate?

They're a newspaper. Newspapers are prone to make mistakes every now and then. As an aspiring journalist, I understand that sources are significant to a story. Sources make the whole story, or the first three paragraphs.

If i were in the Herald's shoes, I'd be embarrassed as hell too. The Herald thought they had a hot scoop that would completely change a dynasty. Instead though, that hot scoop turned into a lump of coal.

Scoops come often and it is important for journalists to dissect them to get to the story. What is this story? Is it true? Journalists have to be careful how they word stories. If it comes out wrong or the source is wrong, it's nothing but trouble.

There's been a lot of talk about bloggers and responsibility and all this hoo-hah. Remember though, journalists are responsible and they have to be. Ordinary people turn to them for news and they trust journalists to tell the truth.

When the truth isn't told, the reader/viewer/listener feels deceived. How can a person trust the media if those who maintain it fail to tell the truth. That's like a friend lying to you. How can you trust your friend if they lie and let you down?

By no means am I a credible journalist, yet. But someday, I will be one and I might be in the same position as the Herald writer (hope not). All journalists and bloggers need to learn from this mistake. That's all I can do and that's all you can do.

There are those calling for the head of the writer of the February story. I don't know the whole situation and I don't think it's fair for me to decide what should be the fate of John Tomase.

That's not my call. Even if I was a Patriots fan, I don't think it should be my call. The man is probably the #1 enemy of the Boston Nation. The city of Boston might be upset and they have a right to be. Part of it is Tomase to blame, but when he broke the story, it spread like a wildfire.

The national media hopped on this story when it first broke and it became the talk of the country, just a few days before the Super Bowl.

Keep all of this in mind. I don't expect you to agree with me. Hell, you might think I'm some idiot who is randomly spouting pointless crap. I'm trying to put this into perspective, whether I'm right or wrong isn't the point. I've really had a hard time with this story and it has bothered me.

I love football, that's why I run this blog and that's why I'm writing this post. I may not be right about some things, but don't ever question my love for football. It's time to turn the page, I want to leave it at that.

I'm tired of it and I'm moving on.

I'm done talking about "Spygate." Never again will I talk about "Spygate" on this blog. I think it is time we moved on. If further allegations come up, then I might bend the rules a little, otherwise, enough! I'm sick and tired of it!

We're two months away from Training Camp and less than four months away from starting the NFL season.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some football!

Oh No Romo

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Mondays: Football Brawls

Football Brawls, yes they happen. They happen like in baseball, basketball and hockey. Here is a look at some of the brawls. I've compiled some videos of some famous football brawls after reading reports of some fisticuffs at Ravens minicamp.

Dartmouth vs. Holy Cross

This was from a couple of seasons ago. This happened after the game. It's nice to know that sportsmanship still exists....Not! This one looks tame compared to some other brawls.

Notre Dame vs. USC- 1971

Now this one is very interesting. This one got started after a battle from a fumble. You can see Notre Dame coach Ara Parseghian stepping in to try and break up the fight.

Miami vs. Colorado- 1993

This happened after a kickoff. Enjoy the melee.

Miami vs. South Carolina- 1987

What a surprise that Miami shows up again? Love the AWA Wrestling reference.

Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State

This was a couple of years ago. This was in fact before the game started.

Enjoy your Monday

Oh No Romo

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

I'd like to wish a Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there. I'd also like to wish mine a happy one too.

Enjoy this day!

Oh No Romo

Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Briefs: The Final Frontier

Here we are....Walking down the street...We've reached the final two weeks of the 2008 NFL regular season. Finally! I'll profile the final six games right here, right now!

Week 16- Dec. 18, 20, 21 and 22

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars- This game could very well have playoff implications. If the Colts don't have the division wrapped up by this point, it could be the chance of a lifetime for the Jags to sneak in and win their first division title as an AFC South team and first overall division title since the 1999 season- Thurs. Dec. 18 at 8:15 PM ET on the NFL Network

Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans- We have another game with playoff implications. It could very well be a win and get in for the Titans- 1 PM ET on CBS

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears- The final MNF game of the regular season features two NFC North foes. It could be good, it could be bad!- 8:30 PM ET on ESPN

Week 17- Dec. 28

Just a personal note, I have no intentions of posting the times to these games, because the Sunday Night game will be selected the week of. I'm not about to assume anything at this point.

Oakland Raiders at Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Are you like me and wondering how will Jon Gruden coach against his old team?

New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills- 16-0 anybody?

Kansas City Chiefs at Cincinnati Bengals- What? This was the only other non-divisional game, besides Oakland-TB.

That's all I have.

I hope you enjoyed this presentation and stay tuned for my best of "The Mondays."

I'll keep you guys up to date on any news that might cross the wires and I'll get you ready for the NFL Preview Show Extravaganza.

Stay tuned!

Oh No Romo

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursdays: Doing Week 15

Greetings everybody! It's Thursday, yes I know it is. I'm so happy and thrilled to be giving you this opportunity to look at week 15 of the 2008 NFL season. I'll finish out the series tomorrow, with weeks 16 and 17. Sorry, no playoffs for you. I can't predict the future that fast.

Week 15- Dec. 11, 14 & 15

New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears- The Bears/Saints rivalry has become a new rivalry to pop up on the NFL radar. We saw these two teams clash in the NFC Title game in 2007 and last year, the two battled it out. Now we reach this point at week 15 and the Saints already have a playoff spot wrapped up, or are still fighting for one. It will be interesting to see if the Saints are still fighting for a playoff spot, will the Bears play a spoiler?- 8:15 PM ET on NFL Network

Green Bay Packers at Jacksonville Jaguars- I hope the Jags are thanking the NFL Gods right now. It's not a fun time playing December football in Lambeau Field- 1 PM ET on FOX

Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts- Ohhh boy! Peyton Manning is going to have a field day passing against that Detroit secondary.

I'll see everybody on Friday!

Oh No Romo

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hump Day: Headin' down the homestretch

Would you believe that we're almost done with our 16 game preview of the 2008 NFL season? Well believe it! On Monday, we gave a look at weeks 11 and 12. Today, we will take a look at weeks 13 and 14.

Week 13 will be significant because that's when Thanksgiving is. Three games are scheduled on Thanksgiving. However, I only plan on profiling one. So I'll give you the other two. They are: Tennessee Titans at Detroit Lions- 12:30 PM ET on CBS and Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles- 8:15 PM ET on NFL Network

Here's a look at the rest of week 13...

Week 13- Thurs. Nov. 27, 30 and Dec. 1

Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys- This will be without a doubt the game to watch as you're going back for seconds. Running back Julius Jones will make his return to Dallas for the first time since signing as a free agent to the Seahawks.

Also of note, this will be the final Thanksgiving Day game in Texas Stadium. Will the tears shed? Not yet! You should expect a great game, nonetheless- 4:15 PM ET on FOX

Indianapolis Colts at Cleveland Browns- This game narrowly beat out the Jaguars and Texans Monday Night game. The Colts are going to Cleveland. In case you haven't heard, it can be pretty cold in late November- 1 PM ET on CBS

Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots- If those Patriots are still undefeated by the time week 13 rolls around, I'll be shocked. You know the rest, Brady vs. Burger-meister- 4:15 PM ET on CBS

Week 14- Thurs. Dec. 4, 7 & 8

Washington Redskins at Baltimore Ravens- Is this really an away game for the Redskins if the drive is only 45 minutes?- 1 PM ET on FOX

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills (Toronto)- The first game in Canada since......Okay it's the first game in Canada. Could this be the new home of the Bills- 4:05 PM ET on CBS

Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh Steelers- Two historic teams clashing at each other. Or as I like to call it, three hours of listening to Joe Buck- 4:15 PM ET on FOX

That's all I have for now. I'll see you guys on Friday.

Oh No Romo

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesdays with Romo: THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!!!!

Here's something interesting that I found on the Youtube. It's a ripoff off those NBA two-sided (Two-Face???) commercials. It features some famous quarterback brothers. Maybe you know them and maybe you don't. I'll shut up and let you watch this video.

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Mondays: Happy Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo, y'all!

Oh No Romo here with a gift you can't refuse. I'm going to write an entire post in Spanish...PSYCHE!!!

I'm continuing the look at the 2008 NFL Season. We're now past the halfway point of the season and teams have visions of playoffs dancing in their heads.

Today, we will pick the top three games from weeks 11 and 12.

Without further a due, let's get it started.

Week 11- Thurs. Nov. 13, 16 & 17

New York Jets at New England Patriots- We have two AFC East rivals sparring it out. Maybe the Hoodie will bring his camera for the occasion- 8:15 PM ET on NFL Network

Baltimore Ravens at New York Giants- I'd like to call it a Super Bowl XXXIV rematch, but that would sound stupid- 1 PM ET on CBS

New Orleans Saints at Kansas City Chiefs- It's the Central Time Zone battle we've all been waiting for- 1 PM ET on FOX

Week 12- Thurs. Nov. 20, 23 & 24

New York Jets at Tennessee Titans- Mangini and his boys go on the road to Nashville, to face Vince Young and his growing Titans- 1 PM ET on CBS

Minnesota Vikings at Jacksonville Jaguars- Can Adrian Peterson run on this tough Jags defense?- 1 PM ET on FOX

Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints- Drew Brees gets to showcase his mad quarterback skills at home against a tough Packers defense- 8:30 PM ET on ESPN

Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo

Oh No Romo

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Random Thoughts: A Busy Day In Sports

I know this is weird. I know it's weird because I'm writing about non-football related sports. That's okay, I'll have some more of the schedule preview up and ready to go on Monday. This is a new Oh No Romo segment that I want to try out. It's called the Sunday Random Thoughts. I'll be giving my own personal random thoughts on things. Hopefully, this will work out for the better because I am a completely random person. It's time to get things started.

Ohh, how busy it can be in this wild and crazy world of sports. This weekend was a good one for sports.

De La Hoya Wins, Setting Up Showdown for Mayweather in the Fall

One year removed from his first fight with Floyd Mayweather, Jr., 35-year-old fighter Oscar De La Hoya picked up a unanimous decision (119-109 twice, 120-108) victory over former 'Contender' contestant Steve Forbes.

De La Hoya needed that win. He's reaching the end of his career and closing in on a rematch with Mayweather.

The fight itself started out interesting, but slowed down as the rounds progressed, favoring De La Hoya the entire way.

He went in and got out with a win. Now we wait for the De La Hoya-Mayweather announcement.

Big Brown Wins Kentucky Derby

The 134th Kentucky Derby came and went, but it didn't go without a victory and a somber defeat.

Big Brown, the 2-1 favorite at post time, won the Derby at a time of 2:01 3/4. The horse remains undefeated and will be a huge favorite in the Preakness in a few weeks. For jockey Kent Desormeaux, it's his third Kentucky Derby win. He won two previous times in 2000 with Fusaichi Pegasus in 2000 and Real Quiet in 1998.

Unfortunately, some sad news to report from the Derby. Eight Belles, a Filly (young female horse for those who didn't know) broke two ankles shortly after the race and was euthanized on the track. It's a sad story and it brings back memories of Barbaro at the Preakness in 2006. My thoughts and prayers go to the trainer and owners of Eight Belles.


Two second round games were on tap for Saturday night.

The defending champs hit a roadblock. The San Antonio Spurs lost game one of the Western Conference semifinals on the road to the New Orleans Hornets, 101-82.

Hornets power forward David West had a strong night, leading all scorers with 30 points. West also had nine rebounds.

Small forward Peja Stojakovic scored 22 and guard Chris Paul scored 17 and had 13 assists.

Spurs guard Manu Ginobili led the Spurs with 19 points.

This is not a good way to start out the Conference semifinals if you're the Spurs. The Spurs and Hornets battled back and forth for most of the game, only to fall flat late.

Game two is on Monday night. We'll see if something happens.

MEANWHILE, The Pistons have moved on from their first round series with the 76ers, crushing the Magic, 91-72. A couple thoughts before I move on to the next game.

Does anybody else think Stan Van Gundy sounds like Chris Farley's Matt Foley character from SNL? I'm not saying he looks like him or anything, but he has to sound something like him, if only a little.

Also, is Mike Fratello trying to restore his youth by going blonde? I didn't think he was that old to begin with.

MLB-ing Our Way to the Top

Brandon Webb is on his way to another Cy Young season. The Diamondbacks pitcher is 7-0 to start the season. If I had to make a prediction about how many wins he'll get before he loses, I would pick nine. How many games will Webb win this season? I pick 21.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Business Business Business: Or as I call it, MONEY!!!!!

NFL players get business done on the field, but are they doing business off the field? The NFL and the NFL Players Association had their fourth annual NFL Business Management and Entrepreneurial Program and it's purpose is to help players prepare for a life after professional football.

Jets fullback Tony Richardson and Bills tight end Matt Murphy were among the 112 active participants who took part in this program last month.

This is a great idea on both the NFL and NFLPA's part. As we all know, NFL players don't have that long of a career. Some players don't even last longer than three or four seasons because of injuries or competition for positions.

Some players go into broadcasting, working at ESPN, FOX, CBS, or any local NFL market. Other players go into the coaching program and work their way up the ranks. For the rest, it's unknown what could happen. Some might make enough in money that they never have to work again, but what about those who don't or have a desire to make more money?

It's an excellent opportunity for current players who might have left school a year early, without a college degree. It would be like getting the learning experience without the degree.

Kudos to the NFL and NFLPA for making this happen.

Source: NFLPA

Friday Briefs: More Scheduling

Happy Friday to all who like Fridays (which is everybody if I'm not mistaken). We continue to take another look at the 17 week season that is, NFL 2008 FUNKYFEST! I finally came up with a creative name to call this season. As usual, I have to go with "funk." I'm legally insane like that. Today, we will cover weeks nine and ten (Yay I don't have to spell out my numbers now!)

Week 9- Nov. 2 & 3

New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts- Believe it or not, these two teams could be undefeated by the time this game is played. Another clash between two marquee quarterbacks and their teams. The Brady-Manning debate will be revived, if only for another seaso.......I mean week- 8:15 PM ET on NBC

Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks- Student against teacher as Andy Reid takes the Eagles to the Northwest to face his mentor Mike Holmgren once more- 4:15 PM ET on FOX

Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans- *NAMED QUARTERBACK* will take the Packers into Nashville to take on Vince Young and the Titans. This will be a good test for Young, who will be going up against a tough defense- 1 PM ET on FOX

Week 10- Thurs. Nov. 6, 9 & 10

Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns- The first NFL Network regular season game of the year that I will not be watching because of the cable package I have- 8:15 PM ET on NFL Network

Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans- With another year under Gary Kubiak for the Texans offense, this game could be a large scoring game- 1 PM ET on CBS

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots- How many points will the Pats put up this time?- 1 PM ET on FOX

Enjoy the weekend folks!

Oh No Romo