Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Briefs: More Scheduling

Happy Friday to all who like Fridays (which is everybody if I'm not mistaken). We continue to take another look at the 17 week season that is, NFL 2008 FUNKYFEST! I finally came up with a creative name to call this season. As usual, I have to go with "funk." I'm legally insane like that. Today, we will cover weeks nine and ten (Yay I don't have to spell out my numbers now!)

Week 9- Nov. 2 & 3

New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts- Believe it or not, these two teams could be undefeated by the time this game is played. Another clash between two marquee quarterbacks and their teams. The Brady-Manning debate will be revived, if only for another seaso.......I mean week- 8:15 PM ET on NBC

Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks- Student against teacher as Andy Reid takes the Eagles to the Northwest to face his mentor Mike Holmgren once more- 4:15 PM ET on FOX

Green Bay Packers at Tennessee Titans- *NAMED QUARTERBACK* will take the Packers into Nashville to take on Vince Young and the Titans. This will be a good test for Young, who will be going up against a tough defense- 1 PM ET on FOX

Week 10- Thurs. Nov. 6, 9 & 10

Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns- The first NFL Network regular season game of the year that I will not be watching because of the cable package I have- 8:15 PM ET on NFL Network

Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans- With another year under Gary Kubiak for the Texans offense, this game could be a large scoring game- 1 PM ET on CBS

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots- How many points will the Pats put up this time?- 1 PM ET on FOX

Enjoy the weekend folks!

Oh No Romo

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