Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Briefs: The 'Where Will Jason Taylor Go' Game

It's Friday and I don't have to go to school......For a week. Woo, a whole week off from school, only to return for summer school (my choice). With that, I'll also be taking a week off from the blog, barring any huge story breaking in the next week. So for my last post before I head home for the week, I thought I'd play a little game.

With the recent situation surround Jason Taylor and the Miami Dolphins, I figured what the hey; I'll generate some scenarios for where Jason Taylor could end up, in case he is traded or released before June 1.


Kansas City Chiefs

This move makes a lot of sense for the Chiefs. They traded away Jared Allen to the Vikings and need to fill the spot. Could you imagine Tamba Hali and Jason Taylor lining up on the ends with Glenn Dorsey at the defensive tackle spot. I'm getting all tingly just thinking about it. If the Chiefs can pull it off, that would be the biggest acquisition of the off-season.

Washington Redskins

This might be a stretch, but Dan Snyder tried to get Chad Johnson, do not think for two minutes that Snyder won't wheel and deal to try and get Taylor.

New Orleans Saints

This move would make sense for the Saints. They don't have much depth. They also have a lot of salary cap room. Taylor would give a huge boost to a struggling defense. In 2007, Charles Grant and Will Smith combined for a total of 9.5 sacks. Taylor recorded 11 sacks in 2007. I'm not saying it would be enough, but it's better than before.

Carolina Panthers

With the recent retirement of Mike Rucker, the Panthers are pinning their hopes and dreams on Tyler Brayton, who didn't start a game for Oakland in 2007, but still played 16 games. Brayton recorded only nine tackles on the season. Taylor would be a complement to fellow end, Julius Peppers. Peppers recorded a career low, 2.5 sacks in 2007. If Taylor comes to Carolina, it will be one less problem for John Fox to deal with.

Seattle Seahawks

This team is a top ten defense in the NFL. Could you imagine seeing Jason Taylor wearing a Seahawks uniform? It's flabbergasting! This team is stacked with an excellent defense from line, to secondary. Taylor could send the Seahawks to South Florida, come February.

That's all I have for now. Enjoy your weekend and Memorial Day.

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