Friday, May 2, 2008

Business Business Business: Or as I call it, MONEY!!!!!

NFL players get business done on the field, but are they doing business off the field? The NFL and the NFL Players Association had their fourth annual NFL Business Management and Entrepreneurial Program and it's purpose is to help players prepare for a life after professional football.

Jets fullback Tony Richardson and Bills tight end Matt Murphy were among the 112 active participants who took part in this program last month.

This is a great idea on both the NFL and NFLPA's part. As we all know, NFL players don't have that long of a career. Some players don't even last longer than three or four seasons because of injuries or competition for positions.

Some players go into broadcasting, working at ESPN, FOX, CBS, or any local NFL market. Other players go into the coaching program and work their way up the ranks. For the rest, it's unknown what could happen. Some might make enough in money that they never have to work again, but what about those who don't or have a desire to make more money?

It's an excellent opportunity for current players who might have left school a year early, without a college degree. It would be like getting the learning experience without the degree.

Kudos to the NFL and NFLPA for making this happen.

Source: NFLPA

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