Monday, May 12, 2008

The Mondays: Football Brawls

Football Brawls, yes they happen. They happen like in baseball, basketball and hockey. Here is a look at some of the brawls. I've compiled some videos of some famous football brawls after reading reports of some fisticuffs at Ravens minicamp.

Dartmouth vs. Holy Cross

This was from a couple of seasons ago. This happened after the game. It's nice to know that sportsmanship still exists....Not! This one looks tame compared to some other brawls.

Notre Dame vs. USC- 1971

Now this one is very interesting. This one got started after a battle from a fumble. You can see Notre Dame coach Ara Parseghian stepping in to try and break up the fight.

Miami vs. Colorado- 1993

This happened after a kickoff. Enjoy the melee.

Miami vs. South Carolina- 1987

What a surprise that Miami shows up again? Love the AWA Wrestling reference.

Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State

This was a couple of years ago. This was in fact before the game started.

Enjoy your Monday

Oh No Romo

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