Saturday, September 15, 2007

College Football Update: Charlie Weis Wants to Go To Northern Illinois Too

Wow, what another great day to watch some college football. So much to discuss. I wish i knew where to start.

We'll cover both early games and the afternoon games.
  • Iowa State Cyclones defeated the Iowa Hawkeyes, 15-12- People gave me crap about picking the Cyclones over the Hawkeyes? I don't remember who they were, but all I can say is, TAKE THAT!!!!
  • Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the Washington Huskies, 33-14.- The Buckeyes destroyed all hopes of a possible upset in the Northwest.
  • Michigan Wolverwines shut out the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, 38-0.- Charlie Weis is not having a fun time in South Bend. This isn't so much about Michigan winning, as it is about Notre Dame losing.

    Notre Dame is 0-3 under Charlie Weis. This team is lost. Somebody needs a hug. Not only that, but Irish quarterback Demetrius Jones has left Notre Dame and gone to Northern Illinois (sweet). I knew Jimmy Clausen wasn't going to be great, but I never expected the Fighting Irish to not have an offensive touchdown.
  • Florida Gators destroy Tennessee Volunteers, 59-20.- SNAP MAN!!!!!

I'll be back later, in the mean time, enjoy the wonderful music of the Oakland Raiders.

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