Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday's with Romo: REGGIE!!!!!!!

What is up with the New Orleans Saints, they seem to be falling on hard times. Quarterback Drew Brees is struggling. He threw four interceptions last night.

The Tennessee Titans defeated the Saints, 31-14. Saints running back Reggie Bush led the team in rushing yards, with 15. Deuce McAllister rushed for five yards on four carries, plus he's out for the year. This team cannot run and the passing game is suffering the consequences.

Brees threw four interceptions, three of them to Titans linebacker, Keith Bulluck. Meanwhile, Titans quarterback Vince Young did an excellent job managing the game. He's proven that you don't need to throw for 300 yards to win the game. Young threw for 164 yards on 14 completions. He's maturing nicely.

Player of the Game: Keith Bulluck

See you guys later


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