Monday, September 24, 2007

I Should Change This Blog to Oh No Grossman!

I am basically at a loss of words right now. What could I possibly be talking about?

Well what's the top story that might as well have me *p*ss*d off*

The Dallas Cowboys destroy the Chicago Bears, 34-10: Some people might say it was close. If I knew it would have been this bad, I would have changed the channel. I'm glad Tony Romo did great, but my heart is in Chicago. Words cannot describe what I am feeling right now, not even curse words.

Anybody who wants to defend Rex Grossman, may go right ahead. I'm off of his wagon, though. Anybody who wants to question my heart, go right ahead. I don't care what you think of me. Anybody that wants to call me a disgrace to my former city, be my guest. Bring it!

I had faith in Rex Grossman, like I had faith in Chad Hutchinson or Jonathan Quinn, Jim Miller, Shane Matthews and yes, Cade McNown. I had faith in all of them, but each one let me down and others. This team, more importantly this quarterback have disappointed me.

I'll finish my point. I have lost all faith in Grossman. Nobody can change my mind. Al Gore couldn't change my mind about Grossman. I'll still root for the Bears, but I won't let myself be bothered by the performance of not only Grossman, but the rest of the Bears team.

That is all I want to say.

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