Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hump Day: Another Edition of the Loser's Rankings

So many potential losers I could mention this week. To be honest, I don't know where to start. I think I know what I'm doing, but then again, it could be the Pepsi talking

10. New Orleans Saints- This is one that I wish I didn't have to do. But they do make the list at #10. They're 0-3 and they lost running back Deuce McAllister for the season. They have Carolina this week, I fear that they could go 0-4 and move up from 10.

9. Arizona Cardinals- Did anybody really see this coming? They have issues at quarterback. Who should they start, the pretty boy from USC, or the slow old guy who takes too long to throw?

8. Minnesota Vikings- They stink and they have quarterback issues. At least they have Adrian Peterson.

7. Buffalo Bills- They are an 0-3 team and they've lost quarterback JP Losman for a couple of weeks. This team just can't get things done. They'll be lucky to win 6 games.

6. Kansas City Chiefs- They defeated the Vikings, but they still don't look good.

5. San Diego Chargers- I've been salavating at the opportunity to keep the Chargers on the list. Now, they face the Chiefs next week. The Loser moves even further into the top five.

4. Cincinnati Bengals- They gave up only 24 points this time, but they lost. This team can score, but they can't stop scoring. Now they get to play New England on Monday Night.

3. St. Louis Rams- They're 0-3 and they don't have running back Stephen Jackson for a while. This just doesn't look good.

2. Cleveland Browns- Allow me to taunt all Browns fans with this highlight.

1. Chicago Bears- 11 points a game in the first three games. They've benched their quarterback, according to reports. They can't run, they can't pass and they couldn't stop Terrell Owens on Sunday night. It's easy to blame it all on Rex Grossman, but let's face it, this team does not look good.



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