Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday's with Romo: Ocheinta y Cinco Comes Out on Top

Happy Tuesday everybody. Let's do a quick recap of last night's games.
  • The Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Baltimore Ravens, 27-20. The game featured plenty of injured players. The Ravens saw quarterback Steve McNair, linebacker Ray Lewis and offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden all went down with injuries. On the Bengals side, kicker Shayne Graham and offensive linemen Levi Jones and Willie Anderson were all injured.
  • Ocheinta y cinco a hall-of-famer?: Is Chad Johnson worthy of wearing that hall-of-fame jacket? Well he certainly had a great game last night. He caught five passes for 95 yards and one touchdown. Who knows if he's bound for Canton or not?
  • The San Francisco 49ers won against the Arizona Cardinals, 20-17. Defenses everywhere would be proud of both teams performances. Neither team blew the other away. Ultimately, it came down to a one-yard touchdown run by 49ers wide receiver,Arnaz Battle, with 22 seconds left in the game.



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