Monday, November 2, 2009

The Mondays: Another week has passed

Baltimore Ravens 30 - Denver Broncos 7- So now the Broncos aren't undefeated anymore. They lost on Sunday and that's that. Neither side had a great day on offense. Both teams didn't hit the 300 total yards plateau. This was an important win for the Ravens. They're now 5-3 and heading to Cincy on Sunday, looking for revenge.

Chicago Bears 30 - Cleveland Browns 7- The Bears needed to end their two-game skid and they did so against Cleveland. Word out of Cleveland is that Jamal Lewis might retire after the season. This comes according to the Cleveland Plains Dealer. As for head coach Eric Mangini, it sounds like his job is safe for the rest of the season.

St. Louis Rams 17 - Detroit Lions 10- Yours truly knew the Rams needed to win at some point. Sure enough, they did pick up that win. Steven Jackson is the only bright spot for this team this season. Jackson was third in the NFL in rushing yards. Fun Fact: Jackson picked up his first rushing touchdown of the season on Sunday.

Minnesota Vikings 38 - Green Bay Packers 26- I can't remember seeing the Packers have this much of an issue against the Vikings. It's not like them to lose this badly to the Vikings. (Stopped caring about Favre, suggest you do the same)

Tennessee Titans 30 - Jacksonville Jaguars 13- Chris Johnson put up big yards in the Titans first win of the season. The second-year star churned out 228 yards and two touchdowns.

Miami Dolphins 30 - New York Jets 25- So is there panic in the streets of New York yet? Or are New Yorkers still distracted with the Yankees?

Philadelphia Eagles 40 - New York Giants 17- LALALALALALALA YANKEES!!! That
s what I'd say if I was a New Yorker

San Diego Chargers 24 - Oakland Raiders 16- The Chargers get the Giants, Eagles and Broncos in their next three games. If they can take two out of three, with the second one being Denver, then the Chargers will be okay in the wild card hunt. Interesting issue with Raiders head coach Tom Cable.

MONDAY NIGHT PREDICTION: Atlanta over New Orleans

See you guys on Tuesday.

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