Monday, October 1, 2007

The Monday's: Seriously, San Diego, Bad???

Week four of the NFL season saw a lot of action and storylines.

Sorry for being late, but let's get started.
  • Kansas City Chiefs destroyed the San Diego Chargers in the fourth quarter- Hahahahahahahahaha. Sorry Charger fans, but your team sucks!
  • Buffalo Bills defeat New York Jets, 17-14- A win for the Bills means a loss for the Jets.
  • Indianapolis Colts defeat Denver Broncos, 38-20- Great game for Colts tight end Dallas Clark.
  • Chicago Bears lose again, to the Lions- I don't want to talk about the game. I didn't even get a chance to see it. So instead I'll say GO CUBS!!!
  • Oakland Raiders beat the Miami Dolphins- Hey great to see the Raiders in the mix.
  • Arizona Cardinals shocked the Pittsburgh Steelers, 21-14- Okay, it might not be shocking, so to say, but hey Ken Whisenhunt got to stick it to his old team.
  • ROMO ALERT: Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo leads the Cowboys to another victory, 35-7, over the St. Louis Rams. Romo scored four touchdowns total (three passing, one rushing). He also threw for 339 yards and is third in the NFL in passing yards.

See you guys Tuesday, and go Rockies!


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