Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hump Day: One Word For Each Team (AFC Edition)

Happy Halloween to all. Since we've past the eight week mark of the 2007 NFL Season, using my infinite wisdom, I have decided to do the one-word game. I will describe each of the 32 NFL teams, using only one word. Is it challenging? Yes, it is. We shall start with the AFC. (WARNING: SOME OF THESE WORDS ACTUALLY MADE UP)

AFC East

New England Patriots--Hellbent

Buffalo Bills--Canada

New York Jets--Chad-Awful (Haha got ya there)

Miami Dolphins--Sucks

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers--Tomlin-riffic

Cleveland Browns--Poop-tastic (Get it!!!!!)

Baltimore Ravens--Poop

Cincinnati Bengals--Stinko

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts--Fruition (A friend helped me on that one)

Tennessee Titans--YoungWhiteChow

Jacksonville Jaguars--Okay

Houston Texans--Schaubadocious

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs--GASP

San Diego Chargers--LTPRSMCCNT (Initials)

Denver Broncos--Ooooohhhh

Oakland Raiders--ARGH (Says Al Davis)

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