Saturday, October 13, 2007

College Football Update: The ALCS Is STILL On

I'll make this recap a rather quick one.

The ALCS is still on and in extra innings. I'll do a quick recap of tonights games.
  • Louisville upsets Cincinnati, 28-24- Tough loss for the Bearcats. What is a Bearcat?
  • Auburn defeats Arkansas, 9-7- Looks like a baseball score.
  • Oregon State upsets California, 31-28- Dumbest ending in the history of college football (that's just my feeling). I would have thrown the ball away.
  • Boston College beats Notre Dame- Enough said.
  • Oklahoma beats Missouri, 41-31- I should start picking against Notre Dame again.
  • Georgia holds off Vanderbilt, 20-17- TAKE THAT Skip Bayless

See ya


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