Monday, October 8, 2007


Week five has mostly left us. With the exception of the Monday Night Football game, taking place later on tonight, it's safe to assume that the week is over.

Time for some thoughts on Week 5:
  • Chicago Bears defeated the Green Bay Packers, 27-20- Wow, I'm a Bears fan and I never saw it coming. Brian Griese, who looks like Mr. Roper from 'Enter the Dragon', had two touchdown passes.

    The Bears needed this win and they certainly went into Lambeau Field and got the job done. Cornerback Charles Tillman forced two fumbles, which helped the Bears get back into the game.

    Also, Brett Favre tied (not passed like previously mentioned) George Blanda for most interceptions All-Time. A big congratulations to him.
  • Washington Redskins blow out the Detroit Lions, 34-3- What a great game for Jason Campbell, 23 of 29, 248 yards and two touchdowns. Plus check out this video from yesterday's game.

    As for Detroit, their offense shut down faster than a power outage at a Dave Matthews Band concert. They had 11 first downs and 144 total net yards. Quarterback Jon Kitna threw two picks. Like I said on Friday, I'm still not sold on the Lions.
  • Houston Texans defeat the Miami Dolphins on a last second field goal by Kris Brown, 22-19- Great game for Ronnie Brown, 114 yards on 23 carries and one touchdown.

    The Texans scored only one touchdown. Brown had five field goals and that includes the 57-yarder that he kicked with one second left.

    The bigger story is the fact that the Dolphins are 0-5 and their quarterback Trent Green got knocked out of the game. The good news is that he's ok.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers shut out the Seattle Seahawks, 21-0- Great work for the Steelers, I did call this game.
  • New York Giants defeated New York Jets, 35-24- Did the Giants win, or did the Jets lose?
  • San Diego destroyed the Denver Broncos, 41-3- Ooooh, that looks like it hurt.

  • Monday Night Football Pick: Dallas Cowboys over Buffalo Bills

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Lauren said...

Favre tied the interception record last night, he hasn't passed it yet.

Bears were able to capitalize on those four turnovers

Lauren said...

Favre tied Blanda's interception record last night, he didn't pass it.