Monday, October 15, 2007

The Monday's: Devin Hester is my hero

Week six has brought us more action than a Steven Seagal flick (HAYOOOO). What other cheesy jokes do I have in my thoughts?

Nevermind that, let's recap Sunday's action:

  • Minnesota Vikings defeat Chicago Bears, 31-28- Wow, what a game this was. The run defense was bad for the Bears, but you gotta love the Devin Hester punt return. Better yet, enjoy these Adrian Peterson highlights.
  • New England Patriots defeat Dallas Cowboys, 48-27- Tom Brady has another big day. The Patriots appear unstoppable.
  • Carolina Panthers shatter the dreams of Arizona Cardinals, win 25-10- WAY TO GO VINNY!!! Say what you want about Vinny Testaverde, but this could be a good thing for the Panthers.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat Tennessee Titans, 13-10- No Vince Young....It's the Tiki....I mean Madden Curse *Tiki sounds*. Oh well, let's show the highlights.
  • Green Bay Packers defeat Washington Redskins, 17-14- Brett Favre broke the interception record, THIS WEEK, not last. I do apologize for the error.
  • Sunday Night Football Recap: New Orleans Saints defeat Seattle Seahawks, 28-17- BOO-YAH! Congratulations on a win Saints. You now have more wins than the St. Louis Rams and the Miami Dolphins. For that, you too get a highlight.
  • ROMO ALERT: Tony Romo threw for 199 yards and two touchdowns in the loss to the Patriots.

That's all, See ya


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