Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesdays with Romo: How Wrong Am I? (AFC Edition)

We have finally reached the halfway point in the 2007 NFL season. We've reached the point of the show where we see how wrong I was on my season predictions. So enjoy a little Bon Jovi as I enlighten you folks as to how wrong I have been this season.

AFC East (Predictions)

New England Patriots 12-4

New York Jets 10-6

Buffalo Bills 8-8

Miami 7-9

AFC East (After Eight Weeks of Action)

New England Patriots 8-0

Buffalo Bills 3-4

New York Jets 1-7

Miami Dolphins 0-8

Thoughts: I am right about two things, the Patriots being in first and the Dolphins being in last place. Unless the Patriots go 4-4, the Dolphins win seven of their next eight and the Bills win five of nine, I'll just be flat out wrong. There is already no hope for the Jets, they've lost seven games already.

AFC North (Predictions)

Baltimore Ravens 13-3

Pittsburgh Steelers 9-7

Cincinnati Bengals 9-7

Cleveland Browns 5-11

AFC North (After Eight Weeks of Action)

Pittsburgh Steelers 5-2

Cleveland Browns 4-3

Baltimore Ravens 4-3

Cincinnati Bengals 2-5

Thoughts: Once again, I am wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong, boy do I need a hug. I knew the Steelers would be ok, but I never expected things to go the way they would.

AFC South (Predictions)

Indianapolis Colts 13-3

Jacksonville Jaguars 10-6

Tennessee Titans 9-7

Houston Texans 4-12

AFC South (After Eight Weeks of Action)

Indianapolis Colts 7-0

Tennessee Titans 5-2

Jacksonville Jaguars 5-2

Houston Texans 3-5

Thoughts: It's still early, but it looks like this division gives me the best hope. The wins and losses could fall into place.

AFC West (Predictions)

Denver Broncos 11-5

Kansas City Chiefs 9-7

San Diego Chargers 8-8

Oakland Raiders 6-10

AFC West (After Eight Weeks of Action)

Kansas City Chiefs 4-3

San Diego Chargers 4-3

Denver Broncos 3-3

Oakland Raiders 2-5

Thoughts: On a category of 1-10 in being wrong, this division is at a 8.5

Stay tuned, I have the NFC coming up soon.


P.S. Happy 100th Posting to Me

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