Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This is the happiest day of the year here at Oh No Romo! It is the day that the schedule for the 2008 NFL season comes out. I am ecstatic and thrilled.

Instead of posting the entire schedule here, I'll give you three games to watch for each week of the year. That would be a total of 51 games to watch for this season. I'll do the first two weeks today. Then the next two weeks will be on Friday and I'll continue from there.

Week 1

Washington Redskins at New York Giants- The Super Bowl champs open at home against a division foe- September 4 on NBC at 7 PM ET

Houston Texans at Pittsburgh Steelers- A tough test for the Texans on the road. A win at Heinz Field would be a great way to kick of the Texans season- September 7 on CBS at 1 PM ET

Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns- The Browns open their 2008 campaign at home against the defending NFC East champion Cowboys. It's a great early test for both teams and we'll see who starts the season 1-0- September 7 on FOX at 4:15 PM ET

Week 2

Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars- This should be a classic- September 14 on CBS at 1 PM ET

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns- Two AFC North foes are going at it on Sunday Night Football. My how sweet it is! - September 14 on NBC at 8:15 PM ET

Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys- Two NFC East rivals going at it on Monday Night. Let the Romo Love Fest begin.

I'll have weeks three and four in a day or so.

See ya


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