Wednesday, August 6, 2008

NFL Preview Show Extravaganza: Arizona Cardinals

Today, we put the focus on the state where it is always hot, but the football team is always not. You guessed it, it's the Arizona Cardinals.

When I think of the Arizona Cardinals, I think, that is the franchise where careers go to die. Emmitt Smith and Boomer Esiason are the names that come to mind. Kurt Warner will be another name to add to that list once he calls it quits.

Last season, the Cardinals showed quite some promise and won quite a few games. They finished the season .500 for the first time since the Cardinals reached the playoffs in the '98 season.

Warner returned to old form, throwing for 3400 yards and 27 touchdowns. First round pick from 2006, Matt Leinart only played five games, he missed the rest of the season with a collarbone injury.

The showdown this training camp will be between Warner and Leinart. The question that needs to be asked is, do you go with the veteran who led most of the way last season, or do you go with the young upstart quarterback that is the future of this franchise. Head coach Ken Whisenhunt has a lot on his plate.

Now I know Leinart can't be mentioned in this preview without bringing up the infamous party pictures from earlier this year. I won't delve any further into these pictures. We here at Oh No Romo prefer to take the high road. We're a football blog, not US Weekly Sports edition. There are some exceptions, but this Leinart story is irrelevant. Enough of this PSA, on with the football.

The Cardinals will open up the 2008 regular season on the road when they face division rival San Francisco 49ers. At home, the Cardinals will face Miami, Buffalo and Dallas. On the road, the Cardinals will face Carolina, Philadelphia and Washington.

Now it is time for the always popular, always strange burnin' questions (yearbook style):
  • Starter for 2008: Kurt Warner

  • Finishes the 2008 season: Kurt Warner

  • Number of games Leinart plays: 8

  • Edgerrin James will: Run for 700 yards

  • Leading receiver for Cardinals: Larry Fitzgerald- 1178 yards

  • Most interceptions: Antrel Rolle- 4 interceptions

  • Coolest names (Top 3): Chike Okeafor, Roderick Hood, Al Johnson (Best damn Swedish Pancake place in Wisconsin)

  • 80s song that best describes team: Old and Wise- Alan Parsons Project

  • In 2008, the Cardinals will: Go 9-7

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