Monday, September 28, 2009


Happy Monday everybody! Here's a look at the games...

Detroit Lions 19 - Washington Redskins 14- So ends the Lions 19 straight losses. Is it really an upset if there were people picking the Lions to win? Is Jim Zorn on his way out of D.C.? What about Jason Campbell? Let's not ask questions about Washington. Instead, Detroit should take this chance to rejoice, enjoy the victory. After all, you already have one more win than last year. So here's to you Detroit; you may not make the playoffs or finish the season at .500, but you've already got a win under your belt.

New York Jets 24 - Tennessee Titans 17- THE JETS ARE 3-0...OMG!!! *Sarcasm* Which is the bigger surprise though, that the Jets are 3-0 or that the Titans are 0-3?

New Orleans Saints 27 - Buffalo Bills 7- How's Drew Brees suppose to break the pasing record if he only throws for 172 yards? I for one am indifferent!

Chicago Bears 25 - Seattle Seahawks 19- So the Bears are now 2-1, instead of 0-3. I am most certainly relieved. Jay Cutler came through when we needed him to late in the game. He's turning into a wise investment.

Cincinnati Bengals 23 - Pittsburgh Steelers 20- All of the sudden, at 2-1, this Bengals team is pretty damn good. If you take away the Brandon Stokely touchdown catch in week 1, the Bengals are easily 3-0 right now. And they were in the Loser Rankings a couple of weeks ago. They have Cleveland next. The Bengals could easily be 3-1 going to Baltimore.

SUNDAY NIGHT RECAP: Indianapolis Colts 31 - Arizona Cardinals 10- Peyton Manning had a four touchdown, 379 passing yards day...Oh and the Colts had the ball longer than 15 minutes.

MONDAY NIGHT PICK: Dallas over Carolina

See you guys on Tuesday!

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