Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hump Day: October 21 Loser Rankings

1. St. Louis Rams- I pick you guys for an upsetter and you win! Got it! So now the Rams have lost 16 straight. Could it get any worse?

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- They'll be putting in Josh Freeman at some point. Maybe this week?

3. Tennessee Titans- So the Titans could easily be #1 on this list if only because of the 59-0 loss to the Patriots.

4. Cleveland Browns- What can we say about the Browns that hasn't already been said?

5. Washington Redskins- When you lose to an "0-for" team, you end up on the list. When you lose to Kansas City, they get off the list for a week and you get on the list for the week. It's science people!

Still working on getting a proper points system set up. I'll put it this way though, the Rams are running away with the lead. They should be ready by week 8.

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