Monday, December 7, 2009

The Mondays: I'm Free Falling (Not really)

Oakland Raiders 27 - Pittsburgh Steelers 24...

Miami Dolphins 22 - New England Patriots 21...

So two of the three gatekeepers in the AFC are on a combined six game losing streak (Steelers-4, Patriots-2). The Patriots have one win on the road (should be technically a neutral site since the game was in London). The Patriots need to win on the road.

The Steelers couldn't beat Bruce Gradkowski. They haven't won since the Monday night game in Denver. Things just look awful for Pittsburgh. The Steelers need to win on Thursday night against Cleveland. No if' and's or but's.

New York Giants 31 - Dallas Cowboys 24- ROMO ALERT: It's December! The namesake threw the ball 55 times on Sunday. He completed 41 passes for 391 yards and three touchdowns. So this loss falls on the Cowboys. Could this be the start of something bad for the Boys.

New Orleans Saints 33 - Washington Redskins 30- The Saints just don't like the idea of losing. They're an unstoppable force. I still think they have a stumble at some point.

Philadelphia Eagles 34 - Atlanta Falcons 7- The Falcons are in desperation mode at this point. They need to win out to even consider a wild card spot.

Seattle Seahawks 20 - San Francisco 17- Alex Smith has a great game. But the Seahawks are tied for second in the West with the win Sunday. The Niners are now three games back of the Cardinals in the NFC West.

SUNDAY NIGHT RECAP: Arizona Cardinals 30 - Minnesota Vikings 17- The Cards need two wins to clinch the NFC West. They get San Francisco, Detroit and St. Louis in the next three games. I think they can do it. They can clinch back-to-back division titles for the first time...ever!

MONDAY NIGHT PREDICTION: Green Bay over Baltimore

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