Sunday, February 3, 2008

Final Post Before the Super Bowl

We are less than six hours away from the biggest game of the year. Tonight, the last game of the 2007 season will be played. The undefeated New England Patriots go head-to-head with the hot New York Giants in the Arizona desert.

When the sun sets on Glendale tonight, only one team will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, the most coveted trophy in all of professional football.

With that in mind, I will be making my final pick of the 2007 season. My what a season it has been for this young blogger. It's been an up year, it's been a down year, but most importantly, I need to finish this season with a win.

It doesn't matter if you're really good or really bad. What's important is that you finish this season with a win.

It's time for my ULTIMATE PREDICTION....

The Giants win by two points and wait for it, Stephen Gostkowski misses the game winning field goal as time expires. Now that's a bold prediction folks.

I just hope I am right.

I'll have a recap for later.


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