Monday, February 4, 2008

Redemption is the Word That Defines the Super Bowl

The New York Giants are leaving Glendale, Ariz. as the Champions of the National Football League. They defeated the New England Patriots 17-14, in one of the hardest fought battles in recent memory.

This was an exciting game from start to finish. The fourth quarter was one of the best in Super Bowl history.

When I think about Super Bowl, it's all about redemption. The Giants represent the redemption theme perfectly.

Tom Coughlin redeemed himself and has proven that he is the right man to coach the Giants. Eli Manning proved he is the real deal in New York. When he struggled, he always fought back and never gave up.

When Manning stepped on to the field with less than three minutes left, the world's eyes were on him. When his team needed him the most, Manning stepped up and proved his worth not only to his team, but to all of his doubters, from analysts to sports writers and especially the fans.

Plexico Burress redeemed himself tonight when his team needed him the most. With less than 40 seconds left in the game, Burress caught his second pass of the game. That reception would prove to be the most important for the Giants as it was the go-ahead touchdown.

It just goes to show one thing and one thing only, it doesn't matter how many receptions you have. What really matters is scoring the final touchdown, the Super Bowl clinching touchdown.

This was a great game, easily among the three best Super Bowl games I've ever seen. It just had that feeling of a great Super Bowl. From start to finish, this was just exciting. Both teams should be proud to even have the chance to play. In the end though, it was Manning and the Giants who came out on top.

Great work by the Giants. This 2007 season was truly one we'll never forget.

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