Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Briefs: That time again for the picks

Last week was a GREAT picking week for yours truly. I went 4-1, missing on the upset pick by a lot, but that's okay. At this point of the season, I am 33-16. Here's to hoping that I go 5-0 this week. It's picking time.

Atlanta over Denver- Sometimes you just have to go with the hotter hand and the Falcons at home are a sure fire pick. There has to be no better story in the NFL right now than the Falcons. They are playing excellent football in an exciting NFC South.

New York (Giants) over Baltimore- The Ravens are also a great story, but I can't see them winning against that tough Giants defense.

Pittsburgh over San Diego- The Chargers are on a free fall to I don't know where. However, if they can get to 8 wins, maybe they get to the playoffs.

Philadelphia over Cincinnati- The Eagles will be firing away after that tough home loss to the Giants last Sunday night.

UPSET PICK: Kansas City over New Orleans- The Chiefs came ohh so close to winning last week, but they fell short. If Tyler Thigpen can put on a show against a bad Saints defense, the Chiefs could very well win by two touchdowns.

Enjoy the weekend.

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