Monday, November 3, 2008

The Mondays: Titans go 8-0

Tennessee Titans 19 - Green Bay Packers 16- This game was settled in overtime when Rob Bironas kicked a game winning 41-yard field goal. The Titans are clearly the biggest surprise of this NFL season. Nobody is within a mile of the Titans in the AFC South. I'm unsure of the Titans being a legitimate contender. They have a tough defense and a good 1-2 combo at the running back position. However, it comes down to the quarterback spot. Vince Young has to return eventually. Can Kerry Collins really carry this team through the second half of this season?

New York Giants 35 - Dallas Cowboys 14- This is no time to panic yet, Cowboys fans! You have a bye week, which means you won't lose. You'll get Tony Romo back for the game against Washington. If the Cowboys lose in two weeks to the Redskins, then you can start to panic. Until then, be thankful you're 5-4. Meanwhile, this Giants team is very ferocious, especially on defense. The front four is the best in football. You know your defense is good when the defensive line can get to the quarterback.

Cincinnati Bengals 21 - Jacksonville Jaguars 19- The nightmare for Bengals fans is over. The Bengals have now won one straight game. Chances are, they probably won't win the division, nor get a playoff spot. The Bengals still have a chance though to save their season though. I still think the Bengals will win four games.

Atlanta Falcons 24 - Oakland Raiders 0- The only shutout of the day came on Sunday and it was for the Raiders. JaMarcus Russell had 31 yards passing for the Raiders in the losing effort. This season is turning into a disaster for the Raiders and it doesn't seem like there's an end in sight. Meanwhile, the Falcons are 5-3. They have a tough division test against next week against the Saints. This game could see an explosion for both offenses. I'm excited!

SUNDAY NIGHT RECAP: Indianapolis Colts 18 - New England Patriots 15- The Colts scored a big win last night. They still have a ways to go before catching the Titans.

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