Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Loser Rankings- Getting Ready for the Loser of the Year Award

We're getting close to the homestretch of this 2008 season and it's almost the awards season here at Oh No Romo. That said, we have the Loser Team of the Year, which is the first time we are doing this award. We'll check the point standings after the current top five for the week.

1. Detroit Lions- They have to win sometime.

2. Cincinnati Bengals- It's been a bad year. Just horrid.

3. Kansas City Chiefs- I don't know what to think anymore.

4. St. Louis Rams- The state of Missouri can't be happy with its teams.

5. Seattle Seahawks- The only team out West that is doing the worst to be on this list.

Now time for the point watch. First place each week gets 5 points, second gets 4, third gets 3, fourth gets 2, fifth gets 1. Here's the top five to look out for.

1. Detroit Lions 48 points.

2. Cincinnati Bengals- 31 points.

3. Kansas City Chiefs- 21 points.

4. St Louis Rams- 20 points.

5. Oakland Raiders- 11 points.

The Lions appear to be a clear runaway favorite. Of course, that's what happens when you're 0-10. Maybe the Bengals can make a run at them, but I doubt it.

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