Monday, January 12, 2009

The Mondays: And then there were only four...

I will have a championship Sunday preview for you guys later this week. For now, here's a divisional recap.

Saturday Games:

Baltimore Ravens 13 - Tennessee Titans 10- This game was just flat out sloppy. The Ravens weren't doing much on offense and the Titans kept turning over the ball. If the Titans get just one turnover, this game ends differently. Joe Flacco played smart football on Saturday. He has a chance to get this team to the Super Bowl.

Arizona Cardinals 33 - Carolina Panthers 13- The Cardinals just mauled the Panthers, which seems like a contradiction. The Panthers kept turning over the ball. No doubt, the Cardinals came ready to play.

Sunday Games:

Philadelphia Eagles 23 - New York Giants 11- This was a tough NFC East battle. The Eagles really brought it to the Giants on Sunday. The Eagles are soaring right now. They always seem to have this ability to play hard late in the season. Now, it's carrying over for the Eagles.

Pittsburgh Steelers 35 - San Diego Chargers 24- The Steelers decided to stop the San Diego train in Heinz Field. Philip Rivers still had a three touchdown day for the Chargers, but Darren Sproles was held to 15 yards rushing.

Here are the match-ups:

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers
Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals

I'll have a preview this week.

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