Thursday, January 15, 2009

NFC Title Preview: Philly vs. Arizona

So here we are, at another conference championship showdown. Today, it is a look at the NFC Championship Game.

Who would have thought that the Cardinals would be hosting the conference title game. This is the Cards first championship game in 60 years. Not since 1948 have they been to a title game. The previous year, the Cardinals won the NFL title at home. Both of those games were against the Eagles.

The Cardinals do have a chance to get to their first Super Bowl in team history. Is it possible? I certainly think so. They'll have the home crowd out in full force. It's weird how a couple weeks ago, the Cards were having trouble selling out the wild card game. Now is definitely different.

Instead of previewing the game and breaking it down. I think it's only reasonable that we offer a history lesson of these two teams in championship games. These two teams first faced each other in the playoffs in the 1947 NFL Championship Game.

The Cardinals won that game 28-21 in Chicago at Comiskey Park after Elmer Angsman ran for two touchdowns and 159 yards. Angsman had two 70-yard runs in that game. Meanwhile, Charlie Trippi also added two touchdowns for the Cards, including a 75-yard punt return.

For the Eagles, quarterback Tommy Thompson threw for 297 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions in the game.

The 1947 championship game is in fact the only title for the Cardinals.

The 1948 title game has some historical significance. A lot of snow fell in Philly for that game. In the end, it was a 5-yard touchdown run by Steve Van Buren that made the difference as the Eagles defeated the Cardinals 7-0.

Who will win in this game? I'm picking the Eagles, even though the Cardinals are on a hot streak. Yeah the Cardinals have Kurt Warner, but I like that Jim Johnson defense over the Cardinals offense any day of the week.

I'll preview the AFC Title Game for Friday.

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