Monday, August 31, 2009

NFL Preview Show Extravaganza: Carolina Panthers

The overall preview's will be much shorter and I'll be focusing instead on the burnin' questions. There's only a couple of weeks left so I need to take care of the rest of the NFL before the season starts. Only a select few from here on in will get the full preview treatment.

For now, I'll focus on the burnin' questions:

Most Offensive Player: DeAngelo Williams
Most Defensive Player: Julius Peppers
Best New Guy: Corvey Irvin
Coolest Twitter Page: Jon Beason
Team Song: Carolina Blues by Blues Traveler
Coolest Names (Top 3): Captain Munnerlynn, Mackenzie Bernadeau, Dante Rosario
Most Likely to Succeed: Steve Smith
In 2009, the Panthers will go: 11-5

I'll be back on Tuesday with a doubleheader to wrap up the NFC South.

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