Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NFL Preview Show Extravaganza: Pittsburgh Steelers

It seems only fitting that we start out our third season of this wonderful preview with the defending Super Bowl champions. The Steelers had a pretty good season in 2008 (Duh!). They finished the regular season 12-4 and won six of their final seven games. During that stretch, they defeated the Patriots, Chargers, Cowboys and a close one against the Ravens. Their only loss during the stretch came against the Titans.

In the playoffs, the Steelers utilized their second seed in the AFC very well, defeating both the Chargers and the Ravens to advance to their second Super Bowl in three seasons.

The Steelers and the Cardinals dueled in the 43rd edition of the Super Bowl. The game saw such classic moments as the 100-yard interception return for a touchdown by James Harrison before the end of the first half, as well as the game winning touchdown reception by Santonio Holmes. In the end, it was another title for Steel Town.

But 2008 is gone, like Pontiac. It is now time for the 2009 season. The big question will be, can the Steelers repeat? I can't make that prediction and will not make any attempt to. I also won't make any type of analysis into the Ben Roethlisberger allegations. I'm not a legal expert in that category, so I won't delve into something that is completely out of my league.

Now it is time for the burnin' questions. Yes, of course it is yearbook style questions!

Most defensive guy (Best Defensive Player): Lawrence Timmons
Most offensive guy (Best Offensive Player): Santonio Holmes
Best hair: Troy Polamalu (Default decision)
Best facial hair: Steely McBeam
Favorite coach: Tie between Mike Tomlin and Dick LeBeau
Most team spirit: James Harrison
Coolest name (Top 3): Sean McHugh, Kraig Urbik, Charlie Batch (I know controversial pick for #3)
Most likely to succeed (Team MVP): Hines Ward (1,200 yards, 14 touchdowns)
Record for 2009: 12-4

Tomorrow, I'll focus on the NFC champions.

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