Tuesday, June 10, 2008

UPDATE: More Flood Photos

Earlier this morning, I posted some pics of the flooding in my town. Now, after making the rounds at around 8 a.m., I have more pics to show you. You can see some of it on the IReport web site at CNN.com.

You might ask why I'm doing this instead of talking about Cedric Benson being released, or Tom Brady having foot odor issues (He doesn't to my knowledge).

I'm doing this because this is an important event for me. This flood is much more important than any talk about the NFL at this point.

I hope to share these images and words with you for the rest of the week. More importantly, I hope you take in these images and words that I give you. Put these images in your head, and put them in your heart.

At some point, I will be able to write again about football. I have my team previews to do. I know that will be a big summer project. However, now is not the time. We are still in a flood warning. However, the good news is the river should crest soon at 19.3 ft. As of 9 a.m. this morning, the river was at 19.1 ft.

I hope to have more pictures and words for you folks this week.

Stay safe

Oh No Romo

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