Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesdays with Romo: NCAA 09, Yay!!!

If you're a video game junkie like myself (and you don't have a life), then you know that this is the time of the year when the two biggest sports games come out. EA Sports is releasing Madden 09 and NCAA 09, which will be coming out over the course of the next month.

While Madden 09 will come out on August 12, NCAA 09 will be the first to arrive on store shelves on July 15.

I love both video game franchises. I'll save my Madden comments for August. Right now, I have to talk about my second favorite football game.

NCAA 09, I love it! This game is awesome. It will be out on PS2, PS3, Nintendo Wii and X-Box 360. The game will feature multiple players as the cover, including Darren McFadden, Matt Ryan, De Sean Jackson and Owen Schmitt.

I've had quite a few memories playing this game. I've always made a concerted effort to rent the game when it came out.

I always enjoy the option. I remember this one time I played as Michigan State and I would run the option on every offensive play. If I would get sacked, I would pitch the ball to my running back and he would proceed to carry it 10-12 yards.

Ooh how those defenses hated me for doing that! I'm a gamer and you can be sure that I'll give it my all if you ever face me!

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