Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hump Day: Loser Rankings- October 15, 2008

Without waiting any further, here's your top five worst teams in the NFL.

1. Detroit Lions- They came oh so close to winning this week, but it was a safety by quarterback Dan Orlovsky that would cost them the game against Minnesota.

2. Cincinnati Bengals- They ran with the Jets, but they couldn't close the deal. Now it looks like Carson Palmer will not play this week.

3. Oakland Raiders- Tom Cable made his debut as the Raiders Head Coach. It was a debut that he would like to forget. The Raiders were blown away, 34-3. The Raiders have been horrible on third downs this season, only converting 27.5 percent, third worst in the NFL.

4. Kansas City Chiefs- They had a bye week last week. They play the Titans this week and things could get bad.

5. St. Louis Rams- You see what happens when you win, you increase your chances of falling out of the top five. The Rams scored a HUGE win over the soaring Redskins. The Rams season is not entirely out of reach. The Seahawks aren't that strong (and risk being in the top five), the 49ers aren't that strong and I'm not sure what to think of the Cardinals (other than they're really really good). The win over Washington could very well salvage the Rams season.

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