Monday, October 27, 2008


New York Giants 21 - Pittsburgh Steelers 14- A field goal, a safety and a 2-yard touchdown pass to Kevin Boss in the fourth quarter made the difference for the Giants. The 12 points came in a five minute span. The Giants remain at the top of the NFC East. Things are going very well for the Giants going into their showdown next week against the Dallas Cowboys.

New Orleans Saints 37 - San Diego Chargers 32- Things look good for the Saints, but not so much for the Chargers. The Saints are keeping up with the rest of the NFC South. The Chargers shouldn't panic yet. If the Broncos continue to struggle, the Chargers could win the AFC West with an 8-8 record.

Baltimore Ravens 29 - Oakland Raiders 10- So how about that Joe Flacco guy? He's got some cool playing ability, that's for sure. Flacco threw one touchdown pass and ran another one in. He's slowly maturing into a good quarterback. It's not out of the realm of possibility for the Ravens to get in the playoff fray.

New England Patriots 23 - St. Louis Rams 16- The Rams played hard again on Sunday, but it wasn't enough. Marc Bulger threw for 300 yards on the Patriots defense. The Pats are now tied for first in the AFC East. Anything is possible at this point in the season.

Cleveland Browns 23 - Jacksonville Jaguars 17- I have a question. What's wrong with the Jags? They're 3-4 and now tied for third (or last if you're pessimistic) with the Houston Texans. The Jags have Cincy and Detroit for the next two weeks. If the Jags split, I can't see them making the playoffs.

There was no Sunday Night Game.

Monday Night Prediction: Tennessee over Indianapolis

Enjoy your Monday

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