Monday, December 10, 2007

The Mondays: This Is How We Do It

Happy Monday to everybody in the world of.....Mondays. It's time for me to do what I do best, and that is make a fool out of myself. After all, nobody does it better than the master of disaster himself.
  • Green Bay Packers defeat Oakland Raiders, Clinch NFC North- Good for the Pack Attack. This is a big moment for this young team to make the playoffs. If you ask me, I think Brett Favre has one more playoff run in him before he hangs up the cleats on his illustrious career. This is the best way for Favre to call it a career.
  • ROMO ALERT: Dallas Cowboys clinch NFC East, beat Detroit Lions in final seconds- Is there anything that the Cowboys can't do? More importantly, what happened to Jon Kitna's guarantee of 10 wins? The best the Lions can do now is finish the season 9-7. They're not out yet, but another loss might be the weld in the pick up truck.
  • New York Giants defeat Philadelphia Eagles, 16-13- A big win for the Giants, they are now one step closer to solidifying their spot in the NFC playoffs.
  • San Diego Chargers defeat Tennessee Titans, 23-170 The Titans are all the sudden one game out of last place. The Titans couldn't beat a junior high football team at this point.
  • Buffalo Bills defeat Miami Dolphins, 38-17- This is a big victory for the Bills because they are still in the hunt for the Wild Card. Coe College star Fred Jackson ran for 115 yards for 15 carries and one touchdown. Coe is in Cedar Rapids and is in the same conference as my school. Usually I'd say Coe sucks, but hey it's the Iowa Conference.
  • Cleveland Browns defeat New York Jets, 24-18- GAME OF THE WEEK NEXT WEEK: Browns vs. Bills. Winner takes high road to the sixth seed.
  • SUNDAY NIGHT RECAP: The Indianapolis Colts defeat Baltimore Ravens, 44-20- Yeah, that was a boring game. We did catch a glimpse of rookie quarterback Troy Smith and he ran for a touchdown on his first drive. I hope he starts next week.



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